So… how does a simple six question interview evoke such provocative conversation?

How does it INSPIRE a class full of students who are new to coaching to PLAY SO BIG?


it does so because the questions inspire both the interviewer and the person being interviewed…so both people are PLAYING BIG!

And even MORE IMPORTANTLY… the whole process is inspired by the spirit of play and how looking at life from that perspective can change EVERYTHING!

If you are facing a challenge or resistance in your life…ask yourself…if I brought the spirit of play to this situation…how could it be different?

These questions start provocative conversations around how people are playing big and draw the best from people, energy and enthusiasm abound! The conversation starts with 6 question sand blossoms into discussions around life purpose, destiny and possibility.

If you are already coaching and need to bring some new energy to your practice, set up some time to speak to people in your life with whom you’ve not yet had a coaching conversation…with this interview enrollment happens and it does in amazing ways.

Interviewing people IS A GIFT! A gift of undivided attention, of interest beyond ordinary is the gift of active listening and so many people, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, just want to be heard.

We’ve used these questions in Business Academy for quite some time and we are always amazed at the results that come from them, new clients, new referrals and great strategic alliances. Kick start your coaching practice by doing something different…by INSPIRING people to hire you! Start with the interview and when it works, and we know it will, consider joining the next Business Academy, classes start in February.

For those new to coaching, The Become A Coach 21 Day Game lets you explore coaching fully, but also inspires you to play bigger. You gain a much more inspired, game spirited mindset in this class. You also build relationships as an aspect of this class that really resonated to those participating right now is the opportunity to speak to others who are just starting out as a coach or thinking of becoming a coach. Being able to brainstorm around the possibilities and challenges allows you to fully step into the possibility!

Your BIG GAME interview…

If you looked at your life as a game…

1) What would you say YOUR big game is right now?

2) What does winning look like for you in this game?

3) What are some of the challenges you are facing in the game?

4) Lots of people are trapped in an unwinnable game.
What would make this game unwinnable for someone playing it?
(not necessarily you)

5) What would it mean for your life if you won this game on your own terms?

6) How could you bring the spirit of play into it?

Get creative here, ways to approach it are have them think of one important activity in the game and then think of ways to…experiment, to try something new. Both of you be willing to allow yourselves to be a beginner and NOT KNOW! Take time to practice and  pursue mastery. Find a way to make it more fun for both you and the interviewee.

If you have someone in your life that has thought about being a coach but hasn’t moved forward this is the INSPIRATION they need! Get the The Become a Coach Game as a holiday gift!!  Give a gift that INSPIRES your loved one, friend or college to see wide open possibility!! This is a gift that can change lives, and for only $21.00 it is PERFECT!!

This is an amazing GIFT IDEA!! You are giving them a wonderful  4 WEEK class experience! They learn more about themselves, more about playing big and may start an amazing coaching career! You may inspire them to play much bigger than they ever thought possible! And….if they decided to PLAY EVEN BIGGER and enroll in more classes at CoachVille, you earn affiliate credits!! EVERYBODY WINS!!! And the world gets the gift of a new coach…to keep the inspiration movement building!

The Become a Coach 21 Day Game inspires the players to play bigger, explore themselves and coaching. It brings people into the INSPIRATION ECONOMY full on and playing big!


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