Extraordinary life experiences become compelling coaching specialties
We are planning to add a new category to our CV profile system that will be powerful for our find a coach feature AND creating specialty communities.

Here are a baker’s dozen examples of Extraordinary Life experiences to give you a flavor of what we are looking for.
AND we need your help to make this a comprehensive – amazing list!
We are playing for a list of 100; in the profile you will be able to choose up to 3.

1) Hike,Bike,Motorcycle 1-month or longer trek
2) Peace Corp/ missionary/ significant volunteer time in 3rd World Country
3) Inherited a business after death of friend/family member
4) Lost a close friend/family member to a natural disaster
5) Lost a close friend/family member to war or act of terror
6) Elected to local political position
7) Elected to national political position
8) Scholorship athlete/musician at University
9) Party to a contentious legal battle
10) Inprisonment of close friend/family member/self
11) Extended recovery from life threatening illness close friend/family member/self
12) Won a lottery prize of over 1 years annual income
13) Promoted to a job/position WAY over current capabilities

Please share an extraordinary life experience from your own life or someone you know.
Even if you see someone put something similar, share yours in your own words
Even if you are not quite sure how extraordinary it is, please share it. It could trigger someone else to share something.

Play BIG!
Coach Dave