Hey Coach,
Coach Dave here.

Yesterday was our first ever CoachVille Open House Day.  I have to admit I was a little nervous. Especially when we brought the Open House observers into the breakouts to watch coaches practicing together- a big display of courageous transparency.

It was awesome.  The coaches really stepped up to the challenge.  Not every session went smoothly of course!  It’s practice! This is the time to try new things and make mistakes.  The key is to learn from every experience – the TRUE essence of coaching and the REAL benefit to having a great Coach.  Feedback is the breakfast of champions!

Our coaches are fierce learners and that will make them great coaches.

Our instructors stepped up too!  They were really on display so it was a big deal for them.  Again, not every moment was a display of brilliance! But there was a lot of great sharing and learning from the experience. Feedback from yesterdays Open House participants is already going into improving how we do the open house today.

You can still register for the Open House and observe some great programs today.  Even if you can only join in for an hour, it will be well worth your $1!!

On tap today…

Coaching Presence – in the Basics Coaching Class
from 2-4:30 PM ET and 8-10:30 PM ET
Coaching Presence is always a juicy topic because it is so essential to great coaching but so hard to explain.  And learn how to avoid the coaching mistake: Preachy.

Coaching Credibility – in the Proficiency Coaching Class
from 2-4:30 PM ET
Learn how Entering New Territories (Proficiency #12) with your players boosts your credibility.  Also learn about:

  • Proficiency #7 Recognizes the perfection in every situation
  • Proficiency #8 Hones in on what is most important
  • Proficiency #10 Shares what is there
  • Proficiency #13 Relishes Truth

Coaching Frameworks – in the Advanced Communication Class
from 2-4:30 PM ET and 8-10:30 PM ET
Learn about how to introduce your players to expansive new frameworks – the way you see the world creates the world you see!
For example:


Register here for Only $1 -> for a one day Open House pass!

The Open House Page has ALL the details!

Check it all out here –>> CoachVille Open House week


  • Open House Video
  • Open House PlayBook – with details of what is covered in every class that you can observe!
  • Complete Open House Schedule.
  • Open House Game Details where you can play to earn over $100 in discounts on your next CoachVille Coach Training program

Create your own Open House team by inviting people you know who should check out becoming a coach to join in on the Open House!

Play BIG! The Spirit of PLAY Lives On In YOU.
Coach Dave Buck