Hey Coach,
Coach Dave here.

Our next coach Training Open house is scheduled for 2011 June 21 and 22!
We are very excited to open our virtual classroom doors for two days so that you can experience our terrific trio:

Compelling Content – Inspiring Instructors –  Stupendous Students

By signing up for the Open House (for $1) you will have two-day “observer access” pass to the programs in the Center for Coaching Mastery.

You can listen in on 1,2,3 or 4 programs.
You can also pop in and out to sample all of them if you prefer to do that.
Listen in on the energetic and lively conversation, the powerful content and the live practice sessions that make CoachVille classes famous.

Check out this video of me and Coach Deanna sharing about the Open House…

Dave and Deanna talk open house


You will hear coaches really growing into new skills and methods and most importantly you will experience what it is REALLY like to be a student at The Center for Coaching Mastery. And even more so what it is really like to be a coach!

Register here for Only $1 -> for a two day Open House pass!

Open House Play Book

Make your Open House game plan to get the most value from these two days!

Open House Playbook pdf is here! <<– This is awesome! check it out.

Included in the Play Book:

  • Detailed class schedule
  • Complete Instructions
  • Informative class outlines of what will be covered in each class
  • Details about the Open House Game! EARN VALUABLE POINTS

Class Schedule
Tuesday June 21 2-4:30PM ET and 8-10:30 PM ET

Wednesday June 22 2-4:30PM ET and 8-10:30 PM ET

The Open House Game!

We do everything at CoachVille as a fun, real life game!  So we have created an Open house game for you to play.  You will earn valuable points for sharing about what you learn and for applying what you learn in your life and/or coaching sessions during the week.

You will be able to trade in your points for a discount on our Coach Training programs!

You could transform your $1 investment into a discount worth over $100!  AWESOME!

Register here for Only $1CoachVille Coach Training Open House -> for a two day Open House pass!

Great Reasons to Participate In Our Open House

1) You are looking at coach training options and want to know what our classes are like.

2) You are curious about becoming a professional coach.

3) You are a manager and you are thinking of adding coaching to your skill set.

4) You are already a coach and are looking for a school for ICF CCEU’s and the ongoing pursuit of mastery

No matter what your reason, we hope our classes will inspire you to PLAY BIG as a Coach!
Please pass this note along to your coaching colleagues who may not know about our school.
And anyone you know who manages people for a living.
We would love to have them join us as well!

Play BIG! The Spirit of PLAY Lives On In YOU.
Coach Dave Buck