Three Methods Classes…

where you improve as a coach AND have a LOT of fun doing it.
All start on Tuesday April 10th 2012 at either 2PM ET or 8PM ET
Each ICF Accredited class is 30 hours total
Each session is 2.5 hours in length and runs for 12 Weeks.

Play Two Win Method
Inner Freedom Method
World Power Method

Play Two Win Method
Unleash the Spirit of Play

hands together symbolize playing two win

Learn a powerful nine step coaching method where you guide your player to design a winnable game, play better and win on their own terms.

Transform their mindset
From: a worker focused on checking tasks off of a to-do list and doing it perfectly;
To:  a player focused on getting results, becoming a great player and loving the game every day.

By tapping into the spirit of play within, they can escape the industrial age perfection trap that makes it nearly impossible to try new things – a trap that has probably had them stuck for years.  You will teach them how to enjoy playing again and play better through game planning, skills practice, inner freedom and designing a winning environment.

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Inner Freedom Method
Play With Fear

The Inner Freedom ™ Method is a powerful 9-step process where you identify unconscious patterns of fear that cause resistance and transform them into a powerful source of energy.

Transform their mindset

From: the unconscious mind and emotions are dark and mysterious and must be avoided

To: fear is a teacher and the unconscious mind is a vast resource of wisdom and power

When you coach your player to play big in the outside world their “Inner World” will put up a LOT of resistance. Nearly every decision we make in social situations is instantaneously determined by patterns of feeling in the unconscious mind; what to say, NOT say, what to do, must NEVER do.  When we start playing big, we often notice how restricted we feel; and its frustrating.

With the Inner Freedom Method you learn how to approach fear with the spirit of play; to explore it with curiosity.  This brings deep understanding to the survival patterns that are no longer serving you. With expanded awareness we can transform resistance into positive energy, joyful self expression and deep confidence.

Jack Canfield, a leader in the personal growth industry, raves about the method. You will too.


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World Power Method
Amplify the 9 Environments of You (TM)

The World Power Method is a powerful 9-step process where you will amplify the “9 Environments of YOU TMwith  Power Patterns for the player and their vision of greatness and transform their world into a personal success academy.

Transform their mindset

From: the world around them is an obstacle to be overcome or tolerated

To: The world can be designed as an academy that ENSURES their success

The Environment Always Wins – this is the provocative mantra of this life-changing program.You will learn how to get the environment on your players’ team to inspire Personal Evolution. If you are coaching the player but NOT redesigning their environment, you are only doing half the job!

You will learn how to co- create power patterns with your player and then replicate the pattern in each of the 9 Environments.  This is a fun and highly creative process. You will also learn how to identify and shift pattern language dissonance in each environment.

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