Hi Coach!

Dave is staring a blog series based on all the aspects of coaching that are challenging YOU!

Where do you need to play bigger?

Where do you find yourself resisting?

Where do you really want to grow as a coach?

Having had Dave’s ear now for close to two years I can tell you this, his perspective on challenge and resistance is extraordinary, I am a different coach because of his mentoring.

His views and mindset come from perfection, from the spirit of play and the pure love of what we do. Because of my experience with him as my mentor I consistently step outside of my comfort zone and play bigger.

I see the impact it is having on my coaching practice, my visibility game and my life. I am so completely certain in my brand, my value and my authentic voice and I can’t imagine doing anything differently. I want more from myself and the universe is presenting opportunity around every corner.

I want all of you to play big too, if coaches play a bigger game the impact is felt by all of us, we are one team and my success and your success is truly OUR success!

The truth is, many coaches struggle, the bigger truth is…you don’t have to!

Really, you don’t!

So tell us where you are feeling challenged as a coach? Dave will take all of what you send to us and spend a month on each topic breaking it down using CoachVille methods and mindset to show you a better way.

He will write about your challenges based on Inner Freedom and fear, he will encourage you to look at your environments and how they are impacting your experience. How your recurring activities are helping you or keeping you small, how powerful questioning may impact you or proficiencies may move you forward.

Coach Dave will bring PLAY to your coaching life!

Answer some of these questions below or send in your own and then follow the blog posts as Dave coaches you in your bigger games in the same way he has with me! And then TAKE ACTION and HANG ON…amazing things start to happen!

What are the questions you really what answered?

What are your BIG BURNING desires that are not being fulfilled? What have you always wanted to ask the super successful coaches?  What is holding you back? What do you wish was different? What would you like to never do again? How do you want to grow? Where do you want help? What are you most resisting?

Post your questions here or email them to generalmanager@coachville-220824.mystagingwebsite.com

In the Spirit of PLAY and possibility!

Coach Deanna