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Have you added group coaching to your offerings yet? Why not? Group Coaching allows you to add a lower fee alternative for your clients who are not ready to make the one on one coaching comittment.

Create an extraordinary group coaching experience that allows clients to grow, that moves them into success AND give them experience with YOU! As they play bigger – one on one coaching become the natural next step!!

Group Coaching is a perfect way to still provide masterful coaching and enormous value – so WHY AREN’T YOU DOING IT?

Maybe you need questions answered – maybe you just need to know the how and why?

Listen to the recorded discussion about the Power of Group Coaching with Coach Dave and I as we talked with Ginger Cockerham, MCC and her team and learn more about this powerful coaching process. Coaches asked all the big questions about how to build a successful group experience. Listen to the Free Recorded Call and then join Ginger on Monday when the Power of Groups Series begins at CoachVille.

Power Of Groups Recorded Q & A – Click to listen now!

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Power of Groups: Complete Series – Module 1 – Module 6

Plan on making Group Coaching part of your Coaching Practice? Take Modules 1 through 6 and save big by committing to the entire package. When you choose this option you will be given the chance to select the upcoming scheduled dates that best suit your calendar. *This program qualifies for ICF-CCEU’s.

Ginger Cockerham, MCC

All Modules – 30 Hours – $995.00 – Click to register!


Power of Groups – Module 1 – 2012-04-16 – 12:00EST

Mondays – Apr 16,23,30, 2012 12:00-01:00pm,

May 7,14, 2012 12:00-01:00pm

Ginger Cockerham, MCC

Module 1:  5 – 1 hour classes  $195.00 – Click to register!


Power of Groups – Module 2 – 2012-05-21 – 12:00EST

Mondays – May 21, 2012 12:00-01:00pm,

Jun 4,11,18,25, 2012 12:00-01:00pm

Ginger Cockerham, MCC

Module 2:  5 – 1 hour classes  $195.00 Click to register!



More Information about the 6 Module Class Starting In April :

Do you have the tools and skills to coach groups? Is it time to add groups to your repertoire so you can pump up your menu of coaching services offered.

Join the Power of Groups Module One starting in April 2012 offered on Monday at 12pm (noon US eastern time) to learn, practice, and become confident in group coaching.

Top companies who currently have coaching programs plan to expand coaching in the next five years according to Fast Company magazine.

Group coaching really works! This may be for the opportunity for you to identifying group coaching as being the next step in building your coaching practice.

Join the Power of Groups’ team led by Ginger Cockerham, the guru of group coaching and author of the new book, Group Coaching, A Comprehensive Blueprint and Beth Lyons, group coach and technology expert as they lead these comprehensive courses that allow participating coaches to learn the art of skill of coaching groups.


The Power of Groups’ modules offer:

The opportunity for professional coaches to grow and expand their menu of coaching services by adding coaching groups.

The chance to integrate the Group Coaching Proficiencies essential for giving you the skills and tools you need to coach groups.

The techniques for attracting and retaining coaching groups of your ideal clients.

Exploration of opportunities to coach groups inside companies and organizations.

Five Coach Specific Training Hours per module for a total of (30) for coaches wanting to get an ICF coach certification.

A great opportunity to collaborate and co-create groups in a coaching community of professional coaches.

The building blocks for creating a successful model for coaching on-going groups.

Developing proven marketing strategies for collecting internal and external coaching groups.

Registration is open now! Please click on the Power of Groups to start a dynamic program while earning 30 CCEUs!