Today I am drawing my awareness to Personal Sovereignty in conversation. I was needing to have a conversation with my father that I had successfully resisted for almost a year, today I picked up the phone and came from my authentic self, was open and honest.

It felt so freeing and different from what I had “expected.” I realized that I was already attaching meaning and story to the conversation before it had even begun, my heaviness was keeping me in resistance mode. When I thought about the conversation from his perspective it suddenly felt open and filled with possibility, my meaning had nothing to do with his.

Coming from the space of Personal Sovereignty allowed me to see past myself, which seems curious in some ways, but not so in others. When I was able to move out of my own head and into that deeper soul space I realized my request was not only serving me, it also was serving a the whole of our family. When we move out of Personal Sovereignty, at least for me, I tend to move right into external reference, which never is anywhere near as powerful and supportive.

I find I am reframing and redefining Personal Sovereignty for myself as I spend this past week contemplating it and have had some powerful ah ha’s when I realize I’ve stepped outside of the mindfulness. In those moments I am certainly not my best. When Blake and I argued, Personal Sovereignty was nowhere to be found, it was not about soul’s voice, it was attachment to who’s right and who’s wrong, who wins and who loses and so no one was right and no one won. Just as in the resistance with the conversation with my father I was moving from what others may think or say, or story around the experience, and not the truth of what is.

Personal Sovereignty had brought a huge week of awareness and freedom, I want to continue being mindful even as I step to the next five fifteen.

In the spirit of play,

Coach Deanna