This distinction seemed perfect for this week since I missed ONE WHOLE WEEK of blog postings!

Oh, I have LOTS of good reasons; I was out of town, it’s always crazy right before new classes start, I was tired, I was too busy….yadda, yadda, yadda.

You get the point. I just didn’t do it and that was a choice.

Expensive does not just mean monetarily, it has so many other connotations and for this blog the expense was trust and expectation of delivery. It is important as a leader to set the tone and do what I commit to doing.

Am I still busy? Yes. Is there A LOT to do before class starts next week? YES! Does walking my talk as a coach and a leader at CoachVille override both of those? YES! YES! YES!

Yesterday was the last class for Business Academy – Step Up and Stand Out and after 6 weeks of deep inquiry into each students value, worth and self worth it all boiled down to, “I am in delay around visibility and Stepping Out because…(fill in your answer here)” and there was still a lot of “I should, I can’t, they are, coaching is…”

Immediately I thought of my not doing the blog posting because I was certainly moving from “I should, it’s because, I can’t…”

If delay is increasingly expensive and inaction produces NO result  – why not just take that first step forward and NOT look back? Could I have posted a quick blog last week and kept my promise and momentum going? OF COURSE!! Is life ever going to be clean, open space where everything is perfect, I am totally caught up, time is exactly how I want it to be and everything very “Stepford Wives,all perfect and white picket fence like?” NO! That would be odd and really boring. Life is messy and busy and oh so perfect in its imperfection and taking action within THAT truth is fun and scary, powerful and adventurous and TOTALLY OUTSIDE OF THE COMFORT ZONE! But, its real. So using the, “it’s not perfect, so I won’t…” doesn’t really make sense now does it?

Delay is increasingly expensive…so WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?