BE a REAL Coach!

Complete Program Details Here   SUPER COOL… The Complete Playbook(pdf)

You don’t often see ICF and SUPER FUN used in the same sentence because… well…
the ICF is pretty darn BORING!!!

But we manage to pull it off here at CoachVille and add in Innovative and Effective at the same time!

The program is for anyone who wants a fast track to masterful coaching AND an ENJOYABLE process.

The program is based on the Play-Two-Win™ Method developed by Master Coach Dave Buck, MCC where the object is to UNLEASH the Spirit of Play;

and the 15 Certified Coach Proficiencies developed by the late Thomas J. Leonard – the founding father of professional coaching where you learn the pattern language of masterful coaching.

This program uses a powerful learning model that includes regular demonstration, observation and critique by certified coaches.

Upon graduation of the program you will be poised to earn the CV Certified Coach designation and apply for Certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Also includes instruction in the areas of Inner Awareness, Environmental Design, ICF Core Coaching Competencies and Business Skills.


The Next Semester Begins July 9th 2012 (Our Summer Intensive)
Upcoming start dates include:  September 26 2012 and November 7th 2012

Complete Program Details Here

SUPER COOL…The Complete Playbook(pdf)