Become a Certified Coach This Summer

AND have a LOT of fun doing it.
The Center for Coaching Mastery Summer Intensive starts the week of July 9th 2012 at 2PM ET
The program is ICF Accredited and runs for 6 Weeks.

The program is the “summer version” of the popular Center for Coaching Mastery Starter program.
The difference is that all of the Coach Training Classes take place over a 6 week period.
The Coaching Practicum take place in July, August and September.

The program includes:

The classes in level 1:

  • Step Up and Stand Out – (Business Program not required for Certification; You can take this any time starting with the Autumn Semester)


A thing of beauty! –>> Student Playbook pdf is here! 77 pages of full color detail about our curriculum and how to get certified!
Complete Program Details or Starter Program Details


One Payment $1,895



Six Payments $349


Curriculum Details

Play Two Win Method
Unleash the Spirit of Play

Starts Monday July 9th @ 2PM ET;
Meets Mondays and Thursdays for 6 Weeks

hands together symbolize playing two win

Learn a powerful nine step coaching method where you guide your player to design a winnable game, play better and win on their own terms.

Transform their mindset
From: a worker focused on checking tasks off of a to-do list and doing it perfectly;
To: a player focused on getting results, becoming a great player and loving the game every day.

By tapping into the spirit of play within, they can escape the industrial age perfection trap that makes it nearly impossible to try new things – a trap that has probably had them stuck for years. You will teach them how to enjoy playing again and play better through game planning, skills practice, inner freedom and designing a winning environment.

Special Summer Intensive Version of the program meets twice per week on Mondays and Thursdays for 6 weeks!

Learn the 9-step Play Two Win Method in this Playbook Introduction: Playbook Introduction
Play Two Win Method Program Details Webpage

Basic Coaching Skills

Starts Tuesday July 10th @ 2PM ET

Coach on the phone symbolizes basic coaching skills

Fun With Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals in a lively and entertaining way. Practicing the basic skills of the coaching craft is valuable for new and experienced coaches alike. You will delve into and practice the ten fundamental coaching skills; also known as the core competencies. Your ability to demonstrate all 10 skills at a professional level is the basis of our evaluation process for ICF certification.
*This course qualifies for 15 ICF-CCEU’s.* A La Carte Fee: $445

Learn the 10 skills and coaching philosophy in this Playbook Introduction here!
More Detailed Webpage is here

Together we Coach Better
Starts Wednesday July 11th @ 2PM or 8PM ET

The curriculum for this program is YOU; Your development as a coach and your success as a business looking together symbolizes mentor coaching group

Transform your mindset:

From: You walk the path of mastery alone

To: Together we coach better! By sharing and learning with others you learn 10 times faster.

In a small group of 10 coaches and one ICF Certified Mentor Coach (PCC or MCC) you will deeply explore YOUR real world issues and realize that you are not alone! Bring your real coaching and business challenges, questions and case studies and leave with expanded awareness of what is possible and what to do next.

Each session will be driven by your needs and those of the rest of the group. We will expand your coaching skills and develop both competence and confidence in your role as a coach.
*This Course Qualifies for 9 ICF Mentor Coaching Hours
*A La Carte Fee: $445
More Detailed Webpage is here

Coaching Practicum

The Coaching Practicum is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY THE BEST way to rapidly increase your coaching skill and insight.
And one of the fastest ways to improve your coaching confidence!

Transform Your Mindset

From: Coaching in public and being critiqued is intimidating
To: Coaching in public is a generous act that benefits the entire community; a FUN way to hone my skills AND feedback is the “breakfast of champions” on the path to mastery

The Coaching Practicum is a unique opportunity to coach, be coached and observe coaching under the guidance of an ICF certified coach.

The Summer Intensive Includes 3 Coaching Practicum

Detailed Coaching Practicum Scorecard