Go for the Gamification Guru Gold in Your Community!

Gamification is THE business and social trend of the decade.

Position yourself to lead this world-changing movement by playing BIG at LifeVille this Summer.

Attend a SUPER FUN complimentary 90-minute webinar with Coach Dave to learn how YOU can be a local leader in the gamification movement! In this webinar you will learn…

1) How the Human Spirit of Play is changing the world AND THE ECONOMY!

2) What gamification is – and why it is the most important business and social trend in the world today. By 2014 half of the biggest companies in the world will have at least one game.

3) How YOU can create real life games with ease using the LifeVille Social Game system.
with no technical skills needed – just your imagination! You will see examples of basic “game dynamics”.

4) Ideas for what you could gamify:

  • ANY action-oriented book or program
  • A sales team for any company
  • A new member drive for a local community group like a Chamber of Commerce
  • Any community initiative like a fund-raiser for your church
  • A business referral game for your leads group or master-mind group
  • Any initiative for a company like a new product launch
  • Any corporate change or growth initiative

5) How creating and hosting the game makes YOU the community leader. AND puts you in the path for major coaching opportunities.

6) How to FIND THE FUN in ANY endeavor.

7) How to gamify education, innovation and marketing for any organization.

8) Gamification means Engagement! And engagement is what EVERY organization desperately wants right now.
You will know how to create it for them AND then coach the players to WIN the game you create!

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Register for the introduction webinars and teleclasses

To find the complete June 2012 schedule of webinars and teleclasses introducing the LifeVille 2012 Summer Games.


In the SUMMER GAMES you will participate in the following games / programs..

1) Start by playing the LifeVille Signature Game “Play BIG in the World
In the game you will gamify your business, career, community and family.
You will play Level 1 in July, Level 2 in August and Level 3 in September.
By learning how to PLAY a REAL LIFE social game, you will be only one step away from knowing how to host / coach a game for others.  Play the game. Then, coach the game.
Investment: Level 1 – $0; Level 2 – $19; Level 3 – $19 = $38

2) Next you will POWER UP your game as a player and leader/coach in the new LifeVille Power UP Club.
You will participate in the weekly player calls Mondays 12Noon – 1PM ET
and monthly coaching proficiency calls in July, August and September; 4th Thursday 7:30 – 9:30PM ET (2 ICF CCEU’s)

My participating in the POWER UP Club you will become a better player.  As a better player you will have more credibility inviting others to play on your team!  AND the experience will guide you when you lead POWER UP calls for your players!
Investment: 3 X $79/month = $237

3) Then you will jump into the very first  Certified LifeVille Game Host program.
July 5, 12, 19, 26 12 Noon – 1:30PM ET : all webinars will be recorded!
In this program you will learn how to host and customize the Play BIG in the World game for YOUR Community – and any LifeVille signature games we create in the future.
You will learn the “behind the scenes” details of the LifeVille Social Game Platform, how to use your coaching ability to create a rewarding experience for all of the players and MOST IMPORTANTLY how to position yourself in your community as a Gamification Guru!
Investment: $199

Total Investment = $455 –> Special Bundle Price: $297

Double GOLD Package

4) Add the first ever Certified LifeVille Game Creator Program
August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 September 6, 13, 20 ; 12 Noon-1:30PM ET
Learn how to design and implement fun and engaging REAL LIFE games using the LifeVille Social Game Platform.
You can gamify a program, business, book, community initiative… ANYTHING!
Investment: $499 

Total Investment = $954 –> Special Bundle Price: $547

The baton is being passed…

from the Industrial Age of Managers, Workers, Jobs, Consumers and the Mass Production of Things
to the Inspiration Age of Coaches, Players, Purpose, Creators and the Unique Value of Experiences (and People!)

Are you ready to grab that baton and run like the wind into a wonderful world of new opportunity?

If you play full on in the LifeVille Summer Games of 2012 you will be!