A bold experiment in the realm of REAL LIFE games begins Friday June 22 2012 in the first ever Fantastic Finish Friday Game.

Exciting and Productive and SUPER FUN “Game Day  Games”

Getting Things Done is Now SUPER FUN!

A 4-hour game where you gather with a “Game Host” and your team  mates for support and friendly competition to engage the spirit of play and tackle the most important and challenging activities of your REAL  LIFE game.
In the game you will alternate between 5-15 minutes on a bridge line with  your teammates to share and practice with getting into action in your real  life calling people, making connections and getting things done.

Meanwhile you will make quick updates to your game card to earn points  and inspire your team mates.

Finally the “Game Host” will facilitate practice sessions between players,  coaching conversations and Spontaneous Play where certain lucky  players get bonus challenges added to their game cards!

Be prepared to be engaged, inspired and SUPER Productive!
Together We Play Better is the BIG IDEA here.  We get more done  and have more fun when we are part of a connected team of great  players.

Fantastic Finish Friday Game

It’s the little things that add up to BIG tolerations that drain our energy  and distract our focus from the game actions that matter most.
In the game you will identify a few incomplete projects and get them done  during the game.  It will feel so good when you do AND you earn points  in the game.  If a photo or image is applicable, you can upload it to show  everyone what you have done!

Sometimes we get a little stuck on how to finish something. The game  host can facilitate a quick brain storming session with a partner to break  the log jam in your thinking.

Follow up calls!  Follow through is at the heart of any successful  business, yet we often resist making those calls.  In the game you will  use the energy of the game to get on the phone and make those calls.  Think of it like a treasure hunt for opportunities! Who knows what you will  find. Then you can share about it on the game card to earn points and  inspire your team mates.

ZAPPING tolerations – cleaning up messes, fixing things that are broken –  especially in the Physical Environment is a great way to end your week  on a high note.  Take a “before and after” photo to share on your game  card, earn points and inspire your team mates.

 How to register!

This game is part of our June 2012 Introduction to the LifeVille Summer Games.

Simply visit the page for all of the details about how to get your bridge and pin code and game card access.

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