I know what you are thinking!  I have WAY too much to do to play a game on Friday Morning / Afternoon!

Getting IMPORTANT things done is now… SUPER FUN!

In the newest REAL LIFE game at LifeVille – The Fantastic Finish Friday game – you will get focused support to get the BIG things done and have fun doing it!

The game happens on Friday June 22 11AM – 3PM ET – 4 hours of focus, fun and new connections.

1) In the game you will quickly set up your game card with your biggest challenges for the day – finish a project, zap a toleration, or whatever you REALLY need to do to FEEL GOOD about your week.

2) Then you will meet with your support team on the conference bridge for 5-10 minutes.

3) Then get after it!  And when its done, you can share, brag, whatever you like, on your game card and earn points.

4) Then get back on the bridge to share with everyone

5) Then get after the next thing on your list! 😉

6) Earn the most points and you will win a cool prize!


What do you need to do this friday?

1) Please share a comment on this blog post with your plan

2) Visit this page to get the simple registration details.
This program is part of our LifeVille Summer Games Preview – open to all CV Members

3) Visit this page to learn the details about the game

I would LOVE your feedback!

Please share your ideas about what you want to finish in the game this Friday.
It will inspire me and everyone else who visits this page!

Also, please share your thoughts about REAL LIFE One-Day Games.