Hi Team!

Imagine the last days of summer when you were a child. Close your eyes…feel the last of the summer sun warming your face, take a deep breath, fall has an indescribable scent, breath it in and remember your most memorable end of summer moment.

Those magical last days, when dusk was coming earlier, leaves were starting to fall but you were still in summer mode – you wanted to play and play and play! You held on to those last moments of freedom with all that you were and played full on. Yon won, you lost, you championed over challenge, you learned from mistakes – but you were unstoppable and you loved life!

I remember those days, mom started calling us in when the sun was setting and that’s when negotiating for more time began. Eventually she finally said, “NOW!” and in we went, marching very slowly with our heads down, not wanting to leave what we found so engrossing that day.

And what did we find so engrossing? We were caught up in creativity, and were designing magical lands of our own were we played pirates and explorers, kings and queens. We were experimenting with everything we found to learn more about who we were and what the world meant to us. We did things for the sheer joy of it, not because we had to or though we should. We were always in the process of becoming!

I can close my eyes and remember my sister and I swinging on our swing set as fast and as high as we could and we were FLYING! It felt so amazing, and all was right with the world.

What if you could bring that feeling back to everyday life? What if… you left  – should, have to, tasks, to do lists and the drudgery behind?

What if creativity, experimentation, resiliency, FUN and the constant process of becoming was ALWAYS part of who you are NOW!

And what if we can bring that feeling and sense of joy back to the lives of all of our clients, how would that feel? What if you bring the method to your organization and inspire your team to become more than they had ever imagined?

Wouldn’t we be changing the world, one person at a time?

That is what the Play Two Win Method is really about, it’s about bringing back those qualities we had as kids that allowed us to believe anything was possible and then create that anything on our own terms and with joy!

Imagine what your life is like when you believe all is possible and life is filled with joy! When what you do daily is more about who you want to become then a bunch of tasks on a to do list.

Join me and learn the Play Two Win Method – together we play better and together we can change the world!

I am so excited to be teaching both offerings of Play Two Win this term, so please join me and learn how the spirit of play can change lives!

It’s offered in two time slots 2pm eastern and 8pm eastern. It offers 30 CCEU’s for only an $895.00 investment, a payment plan is available.

To register – click here and choose your time slot and payment preferrence.

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Play-Two-Win Method™ – 2012-09-25 – 14:00 EST
Sep 25, 2012 02:00-04:30pm,
Oct 2,9,16,23,30, 2012 02:00-04:30pm,
Nov 6,13,20,27, 2012 02:00-04:30pm,
Dec 4,11, 2012 02:00-04:30pm

Instructor – Deanna Stull, CVCC, PCC

Play-Two-Win Method™ – 2012-09-25 – 20:00 EST
Sep 25, 2012 08:00-10:30pm,
Oct 2,9,16,23,30, 2012 08:00-10:30pm,
Nov 6,13,20,27, 2012 08:00-10:30pm,
Dec 4,11, 2012 08:00-10:30pm

Instructor – Deanna Stull, CVCC, PCC


The Spirit of Play lives on in YOU!

Coach Deanna