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Think about a time in your life when you felt most courageous, what did it feel like? Who were you in that moment?

When you find that courage, hold tight to that memory so when challenge presents you are able to draw from that same space. You have been courageous before and what ever you need already exists inside of you, you just need to find it.

When you need that courage, its there for you, it has always been there for you.

When Lance Secretan asked us the above questions at the Higher Ground Leadership Pathfinder training this past July I was able to share one of my more courageous moments, but I didn’t speak of the bigger one, the one that changed my life. The moment that taught me more about who I am and what is possible then any other moment in my life.

The day Blake, my partner, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia is the day I found my true strength. I had to draw from a courage I did not know existed for me. His diagnosis of leukemia, blood clots in both lungs and right leg and a white blood cell count higher then anyone in the history of the hospital was difficult and his life was on the line. They read him his last rites in the ER and did not expect him to survive. But he did, and here we are 2.5 years later still needing to come from that place of courage we found in those dire, fearful moments.

It is my knowledge of that courage allows me to be a caregiver to Blake who has more medical challenge than you think one person could bare, he was diagnosed with two leukemia’s, one which is now in full remission thanks to a bone marrow transplant, the other, is indolent yet challenging. He is has experienced many post transplant complications, three which brought him close to death, and each time he survives and becomes such an example of what is truly possible in life.

I am typing this from his hospital room as he recently was hospitalized for kidney failure which resolved, he developed pneumonia, which is healing, then had appendicitis requiring emergency surgery which then resulted in atrial defibrillation and rapid heart rate. While all of this was happening everyone kept commenting on how calm he and I were. How we seemed to handle the whole challenge so well. And that is true, I feel different, I am in a place that I did not know of before all of Blake’s challenge began.

That calm centered space comes from what I learned from Lance, the courage I needed the day Blake was diagnosed is always with me, and I can draw from it whenever I need it, and I’ve needed it a lot this week.

I speak about who I am becoming in my role at CoachVille often, and Lance has played a defining role in who I am during Blake’s current challenge. My courage is now not only enough for Blake and I, but enough to share with others. I share our story of all things possible to lift up and inspire the caregiver’s on this floor who are new to this crazy blood cancer life. I am inspired, and inspiration goes a long way when you really need it. Thank you Lance for the amazing gift of finding the courage that already exists for me.

My wish would be for all of you to find that centered space. I think that everyone should take Lance’s class, it will allow you to come from inspiration in your own life, you then inspire your clients, your organization and the world.

This is the first Higher Ground Leadership Coach Certification ever offered, it will be inspiring and it will be life changing.

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Class starts Monday April 29th at 2:00pm Eastern

Seven 2 hour classes – 14 CCEU’s in Coach Specific Training

Higher Ground Leadership Coach Certification – 2013-04-29 – 14:00/2pm EST

Mondays Apr 29, 2013
May 6,13,20, 2013
Jun 3,10,17, 2013

14:00/2pm EST

It is $695 and $495 if you are GSC/CFCM member at CoachVille.

About Dr. Lance Secretan

Dr. Lance Secretan is widely acknowledged as one of the most insightful and provocative leadership teachers of our time. He is the former CEO of a Fortune 100 company, university professor, award-winning columnist and author of 15 books about inspiration and leadership. His teachings and writings on conscious leadership, are courageous, radical and ingenious and have been hailed as among the most original, authentic and effective contributions to leadership thinking currently available.

Individuals, entire organizations, cities and states have experienced remarkable transformations through his unique mentoring, wisdom and approach.

He has helped 6 companies to be named to Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For in America list, and 8 others on this list are also his clients, and 30 Secretan Center clients are on Fortune’s Most Admired Companies list. Leadership Excellence ranked him among the top 100 Most Influential Thinkers on Leadership in the World and Speakers in America ranks him among the Top Five Leadership speakers.

Lance is an expert skier, kayaker and mountain biker, and he and his wife Tricia divide their time between homes in Ontario and Colorado.

About the Secretan Center:

“Everything we do at The Secretan Center Inc. is about INSPIRATION: Building inspired and inspiring organizations, schools, healthcare and financial companies, cities, states and countries; creating cultures of inspired employees; coaching leaders to inspired performance and lives; delivering keynotes that inspire; inspiring people to learn and grow; sharing messages and ideas that inspire; writing books and developing DVDs and on-site workshops and training that inspires; and certifying consultants, coaches and teachers so they can inspire. Our pledge: Every time we touch others, they become more inspired. Jerry Garcia said, “You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do” and these are words we live by.”

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With Courage and Inspiration!

Coach Deanna

General Manager – CoachVille