Winning is contagious!

This is the theme of our new REAL LIFE game at CoachVille – The Winning Business Game – designed specifically for YOU the coach who is building a coaching business.

If your practice is already full OR you are a leader who uses the Coach Approach, then you should play our OTHER new game at CoachVille: The Coaching Mastery Game!

Invitation to an open “Power UP!” call on Monday

I am hosting an open call for the Players of the Winning Business Game and the Coaching Mastery Game and you are invited to join us as a guest!


Date: – Monday November 19th @ 1PM and 8PM ET

Bridge: (530) 216-4294 pin: 496685

Call Outline

1) How to PLAY and win the game of business and the game of leadership!

This is BIG! How to PLAY business and leadership in a way that leads to winning; rather then the typical outcome which is frustration.

2) We will review the Power Up Challenges for the November Games

a) the Coach Challenge: The 21-Day Provocative Conversation Challenge
Engage in Provocative Conversations and share what happens – earn points!

b) the Value Challenge: The 21-Day YOUnique Value Challenge
See your YOUnique value in a bold new way; then find 21 YOUnique ways to add value to folks in your community – earn points

c) The PLAY Challenge:
Clarify your big initiative for the month and 21 steps or activities – earn points as you make progress!

3) The END of isolation for Coaches and Leaders!
How to engage in the game with your team to create a winning environment for your BIG GAME!

Call in to join the fun

Date: – Monday November 19th @ 1PM and 8PM ET

Bridge: (530) 216-4294 pin: 496685