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Quick Summary:

BIG Idea:  Feeling Gratitude for all aspects of your life is the foundation of lifelong joy and happiness!  So, it’s pretty important.  Feeling gratitude for life experiences that are challenging is an especially important skill for personal growth.

However, EXPRESSING gratitude takes it to the next level AND it is an essential coaching skill. To thrive in the world as a coach you MUST be able to TELL people how grateful you are for the part they play in your life.

Capture GRATITUDE Power: Plan your 21-Day Gratitude Challenge by identifying 21 people that you want to connect with this month in order to share your gratitude for them WITH them.  Share your thoughts about doing this on your game card.

Game Action: Make the connections and have your gratitude conversations and then share your experiences on your game card. Share photos if appropriate.

BIG WIN:  The BIG WIN in gratitude power is when another person shares their gratitude for you WITH you.  Hint: it may not be the same people you share with!  Share your experiences on your game card.

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More information about the 2012 December Coaching Mastery Game is here

The Gratitude Power Playbook is here
Plan your 21-Day Gratitude Challenge!
PLUS… learn how gratitude power will make you a better Coach!

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