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Quick Summary:

BIG Idea:  You have incredible YOUnique value!  The question is are you boldly and freely sharing it with the people in your world? The idea here is to give the gift of YOU this holiday season!  Think 5th grader doing something creative for or with your mom on Mothers Day!  Create an experience with someone. Share an opportunity. Teach someone something. Write a poem. Make a video. Be creative and have fun.

Capture Gift of YOU Power: Use the YOUnique Value diagram and chart to make a quick assessment of your YOUnique assets. You may have done this assessment in the past from a “business” point of view.  This time think “Personal”.  Think of your quirky talents; knowledge, community, nearby places you love.

Next plan 12 YOUnique Gifts of You.  (no one really wants “Lords a Leaping” anyway!)  Be Bold! Push your comfort zone.
The recipient can be one person or a group of people.

Share your thoughts about doing this on your game card.

Game Action: Give the gift!  Deliver it in person if possible. But if not try to find some way to be WITH them during or after the delivery or co-creation. Snap a photo if possible.  Share about the experience on your game card and upload that photo if you have one.

BIG WIN:  The BIG WIN in Gift of YOU power is… “Wow! Thanks”, from the person you shared the gift with.  Some will. Some won’t.  It’s ok either way.  It’s a big win when they do.  The key is: Don’t expect it.  Be surprised.  Share your experiences on your game card.

Let’s Play!

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More information about the 2012 December Coaching Mastery Game is here

The Gift of YOU Power Playbook is here
Plan your 12 Gifts of YOU!
PLUS… learn how The Gifts of YOU will make you a better Coach!

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