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Quick Summary:

BIG Idea:  Creating a Game Plan is one of the most powerful skills of great players and great coaches.  When you step into a new game it is best if you have an idea about what you want to accomplish and what your approach will be.  Naturally, since it is a game and anything can happen, you may have to make adjustments as the game progresses.  But if you stay focused on your initial intentions, more often than not, you will find a way to create them.

A key point here is that in the Industrial Age of work, “the boss” would tell you what you need to focus on.  In the creative age of play each player needs to craft a plan, hopefully with the guidance of a great coach.

Capture GAME PLAN Power: To capture GAME PLAN Power you will look at your game in 5 areas:  Key initiatives that you want to accomplish.  Tangible outcomes that you want to create; New skills that you want to acquire or improve, Intentions for who you want to become and finally how you will upgrade each of your 9 Environments of YOU TM.

The Environments part is a major innovation.  In the Creative Age of Play we realize the power of our Environment to shape us.  So the best way to play big toward our objectives is to put significant energy into designing a winning environment.  We call this “World Power” vs Willpower.

Game Action: In this case, the game action is to define the 21 items of your game plan for 2013.  (you don’t actually do them in this game!)  And share about each one on your game card.

A great opportunity here is to share a photo or an image for each item, especially the 9 environments.  This will become a powerful vision board that you can return to all throughout the year as a “touchstone”.

BIG WIN:  The BIG WIN in GAME PLAN power is when you complete your 21 items. Then write a letter to yourself from YOU at the end of 2013 describing who you have become and what you have accomplished.  It is a powerful exercise.

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You are invited! Super Fun Game Calls!

Every month we have Super Fun teleconference calls for the players of the game.
And you are invited to call in as a guest even if you are not playing!

Guest Bridge #: +1 (805) 747-4187 pin: 508898

Friday January 4th 1PM – 3PM ET

1st Hour : Name your game and plan your initiatives, skills and becomings (including the most provocative game plan question ever!)
2nd Hour : Design a Winning Environment of YOU!  (A winning environment is more important than ANYTHING else you do)

How the game is played

In the game you will learn how to be a great  coach by doing coaching activities in your  REAL LIFE – your business, your career,  your community even your family!

Every month you will have a new game card where we explore coaching methods,  coaching skills and  personal growth ideas with informative  videos and playbooks.

It is a REAL LIFE game which is a  transformational idea that we are  pioneering here at CoachVille and YOU  can be a part of it.
It IS going to change the world for the  better!

In the game there are challenges,  surprises, You earn points, you can win  prizes,you will have team mates and there  is a leader board so you can see how  everyone else is doing. All the things that make a great game  integrated into your REAL life activities.

It’s a powerful way to learn AND It’s  SUPER FUN, I can’t wait for you to play  with us.
And I say US because I play too!

Coach Dave