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January 2013 Challenges: Game Plan 2013, Reveal the Player to Themselves and Play Power

This month in the Coaching Mastery Game we put our attention on 3 challenges that will help you make 2013 your best – and most playful – year ever!

By playing this game you will explore the Coach-Approach
by integrating coaching activities into
your life every day.

If you want to play big in the world AND be a positive influence in the lives of others as a professional coach, entrepreneur, manager, leader, teacher, sales professional, doctor, lawyer or just about any meaningful profession… then you MUST play this game!

This is a REAL LIFE game that we play every month here at CoachVille. And you  can play for FREE.

The January 2012 game has 3 FUN challenges.  (details below!)

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You are invited! Super Fun Game Calls!

Every month we have Super Fun teleconference calls for the players of the game.
And you are invited to call in as a guest even if you are not playing!

Guest Bridge #: +1 (805) 747-4187 pin: 508898

Friday January 4th 1PM – 3PM ET

1st Hour : Name your game and plan your initiatives, skills and becomings (including the most provocative game plan question ever!)
2nd Hour : Design a Winning Environment of YOU!  (A winning environment is more important than ANYTHING else you do)


 How the game is played

In the game you will learn how to be a great  coach by doing coaching activities in your  REAL LIFE – your business, your career,  your community even your family!

Every month you will have a new game card where we explore coaching methods,  coaching skills and  personal growth ideas with informative  videos and playbooks.

It is a REAL LIFE game which is a  transformational idea that we are  pioneering here at CoachVille and YOU  can be a part of it.
It IS going to change the world for the  better!

In the game there are challenges,  surprises, You earn points, you can win  prizes,you will have team mates and there  is a leader board so you can see how  everyone else is doing. All the things that make a great game  integrated into your REAL life activities.

It’s a powerful way to learn AND It’s  SUPER FUN, I can’t wait for you to play  with us.
And I say US because I play too!

January Game Challenges…

Game Plan 2013
– 21 Step Game Plan Challenge
Game plan your BIG game for 2013!  Identify your Big game, Purpose and Definition of Winning, Your major initiatives, tangible results, skills to acquire and “becomings” to aspire to.  Then identify a major upgrade for each of your 9 environments of you.  Finally craft your End of 2013 vision.

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Coach Power
– 21-Day “Reveals the Player to Themselves” Challenge

The more aware a player is of his/her YOUnique abilities, values, limitations and environments, the better choices they make in the games of their lives.  Since most of us have big blind spots we need our coach to reveal the most important things to us.

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Play Power – 21 Day Play Challenge
Choose the MOST important initiative for the month; master a skill or complete a project.  Then earn points as you create 21 ways to take it on with the Spirit of Play.

 The video here.

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You can take on just one of these challenges to play the game! Or take on 2 or all 3.  It’s up to you.
Put your life into the game and the game will energize your life!

I’m playing! Let’s Play.
Coach Dave Buck

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