Embrace the Beautiful Conflict!

Success starts with GIVING who you are!

Add MAXIMUM VALUE to the lives of others
by fully EXPRESSING your talents and gifts

in a way that BRINGS joy, fulfillment and WEALTH

to yourself and your community!

Each and every one of us is born with a “YOUnique” combination of gifts and talents. Then we each have a YOUnique path of life experiences that challe

nge us to hone our gifts and prepare us to share them with the people of the world.

The best thing about playing life this way is that it is REALLY challenging!

The ULTIMATE Life game is played like this…

Deep inside of each and every human lives a beautiful conflict between the human imperative to survive by playing safe and the human desire to contribute to the world by playing big.

You are born with BOTH inside of you.  And they are BOTH good. They BOTH serve an important purpose in our lives.

Every day this beautiful conflict plays out in each and every one of our lives.

Will you play BIG and make that important phone call? Or will you play SAFE and wait until tomorrow.

Will you play BIG and go to the event to meet people? Or will you stay home, play SAFE and go to the next one?

When you get on the phone or go to the event, will you boldly express who you are and what you have to offer? Or will you play safe and simply say: “It was nice to talk with you”.

It does not matter how BIG you get or how successful you are, this same beautiful conflict plays out at higher and higher levels for everyone, everywhere.  The game is always on. The game never ends.  Every day is a new opportunity wake up excited to play again.

Would you LOVE to play on a team?

If you want to connect with LOTS of amazing people in the world who are also embracing the beautiful conflict and playing big in life every day then join us as CoachVille for:

The Ultimate Life Game!

This is a REAL LIFE game that we play every month here at CoachVille.
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The January 2012 game has 3 FUN challenges.

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 How the game is played

In the game you will learn how to Play BIG in LIFE  by doing Value Adding activities in your  REAL LIFE – your business, your career,  your community even your family!

Every month you will have a new game card where we explore a variety of  personal growth ideas with informative  videos and playbooks.

It is a REAL LIFE game which is a  transformational idea that we are  pioneering here at CoachVille and YOU  can be a part of it.
It IS going to change the world for the  better!

In the game there are challenges,  surprises, You earn points, you can win  prizes,you will have team mates and there  is a leader board so you can see how  everyone else is doing. All the things that make a great game  integrated into your REAL life activities.

It’s a powerful way to learn AND It’s  SUPER FUN, I can’t wait for you to play  with us.
And I say US because I play too!