Next… The HARD Truth

In my last post I described how the GURU FLU is killing the coaching industry.

In this post let’s talk about the cause and the cure.

To do this, we have to face the truth: The reason THE INFO GURUS get more people to sign up for their NO-COACH Coaching programs than we do for REAL COACHING is only ONE THING…


YES! I said it… MARKETING!

While we are at it, let’s face another BIG TRUTH HERE:

Marketing is a game being played by every business every day.  And in the marketing league REAL Coaches like us have been like the “Bad News Bears”!  (please excuse the 70’s reference)
It means we try hard but we rarely win because basically, we stink at marketing.

But I seriously believe that the game has



I believe that the fundamentals of business and ESPECIALLY MARKETING have undergone a dramatic shift in the past few years from The Information Economy to The Connection Economy.

People are YEARNING for personal connections and DEEP engagement.
NOT Information. Not Hype.

In other words… Engagement RULES!

And since REAL Coaching with the Spirit of Play – what WE do -… IS the skill of DEEP Engagement and Positive Personal Influence… WOW…

Coaching skills are NOW Marketing skills!!

Sounds strange doesn’t it? … But I KNOW it is TRUE.

REAL Coaching bridges the gap between Information and RESULTS
DEEP Engagement is the catalyst for Transformation

So… if you want to win the Marketing game, all you have to do is apply your Coaching Skills of DEEP Engagement to every aspect of your business.  OK. I know that is easier said than done!  But it is VERY possible if you are creative and courageous.

We MUST Rise up!

To see an example of how we are doing engagement-based marketing at CoachVille…
check out… 

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(note: this page has been greatly revised based on feedback from yesterday’s post!)


Tomorrow: The Cure for Guru Flu Part 2

Why Guru’s Don’t Engage.
And how this gives us an advantage!

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