Transformation from “Nervy”

to Courageous and Compassionate

Crazy Coaching Friday is our new show where we do live small group coaching face-to-face via Google+!

It’s like a flying trapeze act with NO NET… exhilarating!

Friday March 15th was our very first show.


Coach Dave Buck

Coach Deanna Stull

Coach Molly Rider (also producing)


Stacy Hemeyer

Francois Paradis

Daniel Magnusson

Show Outline

0) Welcome to our new show!  Quick introductions.

5) The group discusses the deeper personal issues that cause most Marketing “problems”

50) Coach Dave coaches Stacy on her Marketing challenge using the Inner Freedom Method

The challenge is that Stacy sent her “Launch Letter” email to everyone on her list but only one person responded.
Stacy has a transformational awareness about her long standing belief that she is “too nervy”.

75) The team shares their insights

85) Dave loses the sound on his computer and some humorous mayhem ensues…
Watch the video!

Then this happened…

Stacy sends me this email…

Oh Dave,

I think I’m in love!  I just wanted to reach through that computer screen and give you a big smackaroo! (haha) I wish there was some way I could let you feel what I’m feeling right now! That mini-coaching session was so powerful for me!  It’s amazing how just a few minutes with you was able to change the way I see myself!  I’m sure you already know this, but you are truly awesome!  My mind is going 100mph just thinking of how I’ve let this pattern language dictate how I do things in the past and I am already starting to strategize how I will conduct myself in the future.  Awareness is such a  powerful thing and I am so very grateful to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  What a magnificent honor that was for me to be part of that!

Then THIS happened…

Stacy shows up for Inner Freedom Class on Tuesday and shares about how BEING Courageous and Compassionate transformed one of her paying clients from quitting coaching to deeper engagement!  WOW!

Listen to this audio clip…  <<– click to listen to the AUDIO of Stacy!

Learn how to Coach using the Inner Freedom Method

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