The Value You Bring to Your TRIBE

Show Date: 2013 March 22

We had a powerful group coaching session around KNOWING the value you bring to your TRIBE.
And the fears associated with bringing your value to your tribe.  DEEP STUFF!
Remember… EVERY marketing activity has a legitimate Human Fear associated with it.  To PLAY BIG in your business you must be able to PLAY WITH FEAR.

In this episode Coach Dave has a powerful Inner Freedom Coaching Session with Che – who is really struggling with seeing her value (even though her amazing value is obvious to all of us).  She calls it “revealing her shine”

Then, in a CRAZY turn of events…
Coach Molly does an Inner Freedom Coaching Session with Coach Dave!  He is struggling with the realization that he needs to redefine his TRIBE at a higher level on the Path of Development.  DEEP STUFF.

Plus… the usual fun a zaniness that Crazy Coaching Friday is quickly becoming known for!



Coach Dave Buck
Coach Dave Buck |
Deanna Stull
Deanna Stull |
Coach Molly Rider
Coach Molly Rider |

In the coaching experience we will feature the top players from our CAMP Programs in compelling coaching conversations!


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Introducing YOU To Crazy Coaching Friday:

Friday March 22nd: We have 3 Amazing Guests Joining Us!


Len Rothman
Len Rothman |
I’m Len Rothman. I do organizational change work one conversation at a time through executive coaching. My company is Leadership @ Work.I can be reached via email at or on the phone at: (770) 998-7677.”
Valerie Gangas
Valerie Gangas |

I’d like to introduce Valerie Gangas, owner of Wonderlust Living.

What exactly is Wonderlust Living you ask? Simply put…Freedom. Freedom from limits and freedom from boundaries. You see Valerie is a Life Coach and she is the real deal. Valerie guides people through a journey within for lasting change where they can find true answers.

To get in touch with Valerie Gangas and Wonderlust Living, you can email her at or you can visit her website at

Che Meriales
Che Meriales |
Hello! I’m Coach Che… (pronounced “Shea,” like the butter, and short for Cheryl) and I am a Transitional Coach. “Life is a series of letting go” and together we can embrace what you let go, when you let go, and celebrate who you step into in the process. I can see that light inside of you!Connect with me at

Our Topic for Friday 2013/03/22…

What you bring to your tribe



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