Crazy Coaching Friday Episode #004:

Does Your BIG YES Terrify You?

Should It?

Recorded Live On: Friday April 5th at 1PM EST

Topic: Playing For YES!

What is the biggest yes that you are playing for right now in business and life?

Watch Hosts: Dave Buck, Deanna Stull and Molly Rider
Coach and Converse with Participants: Che Meriales, Linda Hamilton, Rob Klengler

It could be your playing for clients to say “Yes, I will hire you.” Or, it could be your playing for employers to say “Yes, I will hire you.” Or, it could be your playing for a potential mate to say “Yes, I’ll go on a date with you.” We’re always playing for yes in all areas of life and the big idea in life is to always be playing for the biggest YESES you can.

Crazy Coaching Friday with Coach Dave Buck, Deanna Stull and Molly RiderSo we want to always keep doing it as coaches and doing it for ourselves and with everyone we’re coaching is to keep challenging them to play for bigger and bigger yeses.

What is exhilarating about playing for that yes and what is terrifying about playing for that yes?

That’s where the juice of life is…it is in playing for yeses.

WHY Watch?

Because in THIS episode you get insider secret knowledge on everyone’s BIG YES! Not only do Che, Rob and Linda go deep and explore their BIG YESES, but Coaches Dave, Deanna and Molly share what their playing for…and just why it’s SOOOOO darn terrifying!

Let’s Get Started!!!

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(scheduled for Friday April 15th)

Deanna: The big yes that I’m searching for is confirmation on my brand name and website. I want people to say “Yes, that totally fits who you are.” As I start to unveil the brand I want people to say, “Oh yeah. I get that. I like it.”

Dave: Just for the record folks, Deanna’s new brand is called “Soul Storming!” And this is a great point. I want you to listen up to Deanna right now and her courage in stepping out into the world with her new voice and or really, the voice she’s always had…but now she’s stepping out into the world with her voice and the yes she’s playing for is for other people to say, “Yes! I get it and I want to be apart of soul storming with you. How can I sign up for it?”

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Dave: We are always playing for YES, whether it’s a new exploratory session or having people come to your party on Friday. It’s important to get clear on your big yes. What is it right now?

Then, you want to be coached around your big yes! You want to tell them, “This is what is important to me. This is where I’m exhilarated. This is where I’m struggling.” And that becomes the coaching conversation because coaching is about creating results in your life. It’s not about completing tasks, it’s about getting results. Results means that something ELSE happens in the world. Someone ELSE says YES to your invitation or your offer.”

Big YESES aren’t easy, so the more support you have from your coach and those around you, the better.

Che: “Oh Dave. This question threw me off. There are just so many yeses that I’m playing for right now, you know. And as I thought about them, some felt like projects and others felt like recurring activities. Obviously a thriving coaching practice is something we’re all playing for all the time.

Dave: That’s good. So what is the yes you need for that?

Che: I think the yes that I’m playing for is MY yes. Last time I was on we were talking about tribes and what is your value to your tribe. Right now, I feel like I’m in the learning zone. So, I’m playing for the yes around my own value. Yes that’s my voice, that’s my value, that’s what I want to play for. The yes I’m playing for is my own yes, where I can connect what I’m trying to do and who I want to become.

Dave: I love that. I think this is a really good start and a brilliant point. I didn’t even think of this, which is why it’s so amazing that we get to have conversations like this together. I never thought of having your own yes and how it really starts there – with the whole exploration of your own yes and to see how other people say yes to you once you have that personal clarity.

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So now I’m going to challenge you on this call to become very clear on the yes you have for yourself and the yes you want from other people.

Che: Okay. No Pressure.

Dave: Yeah. No pressure. Just by the top of the hour. Be ready. Go for it! Okay! Who wants to go next?

Rob: Well this is brilliant because before this call I couldn’t pick just one. I had two. And this idea of your own personal yes, is going to allow me to have both. The inward yes, the personal yes, is that on Monday I am going to be sixty years old and I just can’t picture succumbing to old age. That makes me an elder or something, you know.

(Dave holds up YES card)

When we’re having especially intense conference calls in our business, my business partner jokes that I’ the adult supervision. The reason, I think I’ve received that name is because I have become the energy moderator because I bring in the spirit of play.

When the discussion gets heated and people start to say things that they may later regret I like to jump in. One of my favorite sayings recently is, “Okay guys, are we playing a strategic game of chess or are on giant monster trucks and our objective is to whack each other until there’s nothing left.

So my personal yes is to really step into (own) this adult supervision role.

Dave: Yes, it’s like becoming an elder and if we stick with our tribal theme then being an elder is being in a place of great distinction and honor.

Rob: And then later…”Hey that Elder is riding a unicycle and throwing flames.”

Dave: Nice! This is a whole new kind of Elder. This is not your father’s Elder people, but a whole new kind of Elder. Well said, Rob. So you’re saying playing for “Yes, I’m a new kind of Elder.”

Rob: Yes!

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Dave: Awesome. What’s the yes you want from the world around you?

Rob: It’s time that I go to a conference and speak on the platform. It’s time for me to be on the podium and pretend that I’m an expert when I really just learned how to do this 6 months ago. This idea is really scary because you know business is good. We’ve signed contracted and we have follow up contracts. But, at some point we need to expand the number of businesses we’re dealing with and the best way I think I’d like to do that is by being on stage and getting big yeses.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love being on stage. However, I only love being on stage when I really, really know what I’m talking about. And, with this, not knowing, that scares the daylights out of me.

Dave: Okay. This is great. So when you listen to Rob he’s giving you some really good clues about when you play for yes, there’s usually going to be some terror involved. In fact, if there’s no terror then it’s probably no the right ‘yes’. It’s not a really big yes, because a really big yes holds terror.

If you don’t have a big yes that you’re playing for right now, then you know you’re too far inside your comfort zone! Life occurs on the edge of your comfort zone. Not inside it.

So if you want to be on the edge of your comfort zone where life is happening, you need to have a BIG YES that terrifies you.

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Dave: Alright, Linda. You are up!

Linda: So, talk about being terrified…this is me, palms sweaty, stepping WAY outside of my comfort zone being here on this Google+ Hangout.

I’ve been coaching for 15 years and I’m very aware of who is in my niche, but the big yes that I’m playing for now is Technology. This is a game I’m trying to embrace more because this me, talking to you all from my computer is amazing.

So I want to play this bigger game while still maintaining my home life. My kids are 9 and 12 and I’m the CEO of my family and on my own, I am outdoor enthusiast.

I want to connect with my tribe in new ways and I know that this (Google+) is one of the ways I can do that, and this is really stretching me outside my comfort zone.

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Dave: I want to really thank you for saying that and I think this a real opportunity to make this point as well which is that if you (amazing viewers/readers) are someone who would like to be a guest on our show and step into the world of the Crazy Coaching Friday tribal sphere and get on Google+ and show your face to the world and talk about all these big ideas, then definitely let us know because you’d love to have you as a guest… especially if being on the show would be a step outside of your comfort zone as Linda has just demonstrated.

Deanna, how can they do that?

Deanna: You can email me at:, or call me at: 610-702-2288

Keep listening 40minutes in to learn what Amazing Coach Dave’s BIG YES is….


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