Crazy Coaching Friday Episode #005

After 16 Years Of Awesome Coaching, Dave Buck Admits He Still Feels Fear When…


Recorded Live On: Friday April 12th at 1PM EST

Topic: What Scares You More…Fear of Failure or Fear of Success?

Watch Hosts: Dave Buck, Deanna Stull and Molly Rider
Coach and Converse with Participants: Courtney Sherman, Len Rothman and Flo Mauri

We have a NEW Philosophy at CoachVille and that is: FEAR is our Friend.

We have so much information available to us. There are thousands of information Guru’s sharing tips on what you can do.

The amazing part is that we don’t realize is that there is such a tremendous gap between information and action. There’s a big gap. You can have a lot of information but how much information do you act on? And then, when we act upon the information, do we get results?

The gap between information and action is where coaching lives.

Crazy Coaching Friday -- CoachVille: Fear Is Your Friend

Crazy Coaching Friday — CoachVille: Fear Is Your Friend

WHY Watch?

Because in THIS episode you get to learn WHY Amazing Coach Dave still has FEAR every time he signs a new client. And, you get to decide for yourself if this is a good thing.

Then you will get to dive in deep with Coach Courtney and Coach Molly as they uncover the hidden wisdom that can be found within fear. Don’t believe me… watch for yourself.

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Dave: When you look at what it takes to cross that gap between information and action you have to play with fear.

This is something that as coaches, the more we can understand what fear is, how fear plays an integral role in our lives and how we can play with that fear, the more effective we are going to be as coaches.

Coaches and even most people are really good at coming up with an action plan. But, going from the plan to doing the action is a whole different game. This is why coaching is so important in the world.

The question we are exploring today is: Which do you fear most? Failure or Success?

Of course, this is sort of a rhetorical question because the truth is that we fear both.

But what is it about failure that is so scary and stops us dead in our tracks? And, what about fear of success? I know when I heard about fear of success I though, “That’s nuts! I’m not afraid of success. That is what I’m trying to create. Why would I be afraid of success? It doesn’t make any sense.”

But the more I have coached thousands and thousands of people and looked at my own fears, it turns out that success is actually pretty scary stuff.

There is a lot of time that the thing that is thwarting me or scaring me from action is the fear of success because what if I’m actually successful at what I’m doing? Then what’s going to happen?

Alright. So let’s start. And, let’s start with coach Molly. I always like to challenge coach Molly because she is always up for a challenge. So, coach Molly, what is your big game right now and what are some fears associated with your game?

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Molly: I have decided to take on a 25 day initial consult challenge. So in twenty-five business days I will host twenty five initial consults with new coaching clients. I’m super excited for it. But, I’m also totally petrified. So some of the fear around this is around asking people to sign up for an initial consult and feeling confident in the value of an initial consult. What are they getting out of it? And lastly, getting them to say YES in the end.

Dave: Okay, that is really cool. So 25 in 25. And you have fear around initially asking and…

Molly: Yeah and the other big fear action is…

Dave: Asking them to hire you.

Molly: Yeah. I can’t even say it. I’m like blubbering.

Dave: Yeah. Her tongue is so tied up with fear she can’t even say it. People. Okay that’s really good. So what might be a possible fear of success?

Molly: Well, then I have to follow through.

Dave: Okay, yes. So think of this as we continue with the rest of our amazing panel today. This is something you want to think about and we will cycle back around. When you think about these twenty five people and the realization that all of them could say YES. They could all say, “Yes! Molly, I need you to coach me.” How would your life change? And, what would that mean? You mind may start thinking, “Oh well what about this and can I still go running?” All this stuff.

Awesome. Alright, Thank you Coach Molly for stepping up to the proverbial plate. Coach Courtney, how about you? What is your big game and some potential fears around that big game?

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Courtney: My big game is that I’m a newbie coach. I have been able to generate some paying clients and my focus has been wellness coaching. I’m a fitness professional and personal trainer. So, I’m playing a very big game but not such a specific game. I want to create career diversity so that I’m doing more than just wellness coaching. My current clients have come to me for losing weight and getting fitness onto their schedule, but what it’s really turned into is life coaching.

Dave: Okay, let me give you an important NEWSFLASH. This is for you and everyone listening… All coaching is life coaching by the third session no matter what they hire you for. Even if you say, “Oh no, I’m a business coach, not a life coach.” Guess what, even if you’re a business coach, I guarantee you by the third session its about, “Oh my kids are not doing this and I’m having this trouble with my husband…” I guarantee you, all coaching is life coaching by the third session. So, it’s good that you are prepared for this. …Alright so building a business, that could have some fears. Any come to mind?

Courtney: Well I might get a client and then I wouldn’t be good enough to coach them. I’m afraid that I would be successful at getting them and then fail at delivering. So one of the fears is getting out there and knowing that I can do this.

Dave: So here’s another safety tip for you and all the coaches out there… I’ve been coaching for 16 years and when someone hires me I still freak out. 16 years later I’m like “Oh my God. They said yes, now what?” But then I have to feel my way through that fear every time and this is why were talking about FEAR today because the good news is that Fear never goes away.

Courtney: I don’t know if that’s good news.

Dave: It is good because you can play with it. Because here’s the thing, having fear means that you are pushing yourself to play bigger.

I play soccer and I’ve coached soccer. So, if a school hired me to coach their high school soccer team I would feel no fear. I know high school soccer inside and out. It’s an easy game for me.

But, now I don’t want to coach high school soccer. I want to coach CEO’s on how to build their enterprise. So, if these CEO’s say YES, there is a lot at stake! That’s going to freak me out and that’s how I know it is a big game.

The fear will always come up when you step up to coach a bigger game and as coaches we are growth oriented creatures, so we’re always looking to coach bigger and bigger games. So the fear is always apart of it because every player that hires you is probably going to be a little bigger and a little more challenging than the ones before.

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