Crazy Coaching Friday Episode #006:

Your Big Game and FEAR…

Have YOU Ever Resisted Travel Like Coach Deanna Did?


Recorded Live On: Friday April 19th at 1PM EST

Topic: Making Fear Your Companion

What is your Big Game? What FEAR (resistance) are you experiencing within your game right now?

Watch Hosts: Dave Buck, Deanna Stull and Molly Rider
Coach and Converse with Participants: Chelsea Callanan, Francois Paradis, Trudy Ames

#CCF Show Timeline:

  • 0 – Crazy Awesome Introductions and Pure Silliness
  • 8:00 – Amazing Coach Dave Sets The Tone of the Playing With FEAR Challenge
  • 11:00 – Learn WHY Fabulous Coach Deanna was afraid to spend a week working remotely from the fabulous destination location of Key West Florida
  • 15:50 – Hear what all of our AMAZING Panelists are playing for and FEARING!
  • 36:59 – Watch Incredible Chelsea Callanan go DEEP and move through inner freedom with Coach Dave. Her upcoming conference presentation becomes a rocking experience.
  • 59:00 – Reflections on Chelsea’s awesome break through & shout outs to viewers commenting
  • 1:07 – STORY TIME! How to Move From Information Mountain to Action PEAK! With an awesome storyboard and action figures!
  • 1:19 – Sharing comments that have been written in on our blog and youtube video from watchers
  • 1:21 – Watch Amazing Francois Paradis face is FEAR and gain quick insight to bring to his next networking events!
  • 1:29:56 – Highlights from the Episode!
Coach Deanna Stull on Key West

Coach Deanna Stull on Key West

DAVE: Let’s jump right in. Today we are going to talk about our big games in life, and particular as we will share the fears that we have run into – where are we resisting, holding back. This happens anytime you are playing a bigger game. You will run into some resistance, what we call fear.

Really what we are aiming for, as a community of coaches, is to be the champions of humanity flourishing. This is an awesome purpose to have in the world and we’re playing BIG. We want to have a serious impact on the lives of others.

When you really go to play big in the world fear will be a constant companion. So, we want to do is talk about fear, not because it is something terrible that we need to get rid of but like it is our companion.

WHY Watch?

Because in THIS episode Deanna shares her inner fear about traveling to Key West and Coach Dave tells a powerful and hilarious story on how to move from the information mountain to results peak.

Additionally, Amazing panelists Chelsea Callanan and Francois step up to the plate for deep inner freedom. Learn from Chelsea how to rock it on a conference stage and play with the new mentality that Francois will be taking into his networking events.

Let’s Get Started!!!

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(scheduled for Friday April 26th)

Dave: Anytime you play big you will have your hearts desire, which yearns to go out in the world and make a contribution, and at the same time the play safe team has fear as a caption.

Fear is the caption of the play safe team. And, when you go to play safe in the world, you will naturally experience fear because the place safe team is really powerful. The play safe team is also good. It keeps us safe and alive.

The idea is to make friends with fear, to recognize the value of fear, to understand the purpose of fear and not to try to override it or banish it. Instead you want to actually learn how to understand and play with the fear that comes with our desire to go out into the world and make a massive contribution, which all of us want to do.

What is your big game and what are some of the fears you have noticed so far as you go out into the world to play big.

Deanna, let’s start with you since you seem to have a new big game with your new office location.

Deanna: Seriously! Well, a couple of things while you were talking. First, I was afraid to come here [Key West, Florida]. I thought, ‘how can I take a week and go to Key West and still stay on track when I was just starting to feel like I’d gotten my feet solidly under me after Blake’s death.’

I was worried that if I went away that it would mess everything up again.

And then I got here and I realized that it [coming to Key West] did the exact opposite. I’m feeling so grounded and so much like myself it’s astounding. So the fear came up in the form of asking me, “Should I go? Should I play that big?”

Now, I am here and I know that I can be here and still do all of the same things that I do at home, and it really does work, and work even BIGGER because here I am broadcasting Google+ Live with this beautiful view and people are asking me what I’m doing, it’s exciting.

So my big game is this. This is the lifestyle that I want. I want to be able to travel all over the world and do what I do and bring all of you along for the ride because it has been extraordinary.

So now my fear is, What if I don’t get it? I don’t want to let this go. This is too amazing. Seriously people, look at this.

Dave: Yes, coaching is a lifestyle business. I mean it really is if you are courageous, if you’re bold if you’re creative, you can be a coach and be anywhere in the world. That has always been one of the key promises of the business of coaching.

So it’s exciting, Deanna to have you as a champion of the traveling coaching lifestyle. We look forward to having you LIVE on location for all sorts of Crazy Coaching Friday Episodes.

Deanna: I have to plan lots of places.

Dave: You really do. You have to plan amazing places. Thank you for that and for reminding us that life is a choice and you have to be courageous to make those choices. I think that’s with the companion of choice sounds beautiful but it also requires courage.

That’s what you demonstrated by going to Key West.You asked, “Am I courageous enough to go and play my big game and be in a beautiful location and not lose it?” And you’ve done it! Amazing things have happened all week while you’ve been at Key West. So, it’s a beautiful thing.

Deanna: Whoohoo!

Dave: Yes! So now, I want to capture the fear. What I’m feeling, what I’m sensing your fear includes is this idea of, “Wow. It’s been so awesome. Can I keep this awesomeness alive?”

Is it sort of like a “How Do I Top THIS?” kind of a fear?

Deanna: Not a ‘how do I top this’ fear but, ‘how do I keep this going?’ It’s so easy to get back home and become complacent.

Dave: I have an idea! All right, if you are on our blog right now, I want you to share below (or on Facebook) the next location from where Deanna should broadcast!

Deanna: YES! I love that.

Dave: Molly will share some of the ideas that come though. Please share, where should Deanna be in her in next adventure!

Deanna: …And just so you all know, I prefer warm over cold.

… (jump to 35:55 minutes in)…

Molly: Speaking of participation, I’m calling a time out!

Dave: YES!

Molly: Because Stacy Hemeyer wrote back and she says Deanna, that not only do you need to be in Cancun for your next adventure, but you need to wear a big Mexican hat and be holding a big flower in your teeth.

Laughter All Around!

Deanna: I feel like Cancun would warrant a drink with fruit and an umbrella in it.

Dave: You just never know what’s going to happen here on Crazy Coaching Friday.

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