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Coaching is not an intervention for problems,

Coaching is turning good… AWESOME!


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o from Good to AWESOME with a Coach at CoachVille

Go from Good to AWESOME with a Coach
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1:24:04 Stacy: In connection to being a bold champion of humanity flourishing, I’ll see some one that’s really together and I think, “Oh! I want to coach them!” And then I think, “Oh, I don’t dare say that because then they might say, ‘Who are you to coach me?’ Or, ‘What are you saying? You think I’m messed up?’ ”

Because sometimes people have that mentality that coaching is only for people with problems.

Dave: Not for long people!

Stacy: Exactly.

Stacy Hemeyer

Stacy Hemeyer
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It’s been interesting because I was recently talking with my husband about how I’m being coached by someone and I’m really enjoying it.

So, I said to my husband, “Man, she is so good. You really should coach with her.”

And he said, “What are you saying?”

And I said, “I’m saying she’s awesome. You would love it.

He said, “Well. What are you trying to say?”

I said, “Stop. That’s the problem right there. You’re married to a coach and even you are taking the suggestion to get coached as an insult!  Why is that an insult? Do you not see the people that I’m coaching?  What are you saying about ME then? You’re okay for me to coach and get coached.

He said, “I actually don’t know what that was about right there. I’m sorry. Why did I take that negatively?”

I said, “I don’t know. Coaching is so cool.

Dave:  I know one thing. I like your husband.  He has awareness. That is pretty cool.

But Stacy, I just want to amplify something you’re saying. If we want the humans of the world to think that coaching is for being awesome and not that coaching is for people who need to be fixed, then we coaches need to start saying it. The only way that is going to happen is if we coaches start telling everyone.

We have to rise up as coaches and tell the world that coaching is not an intervention for problems, coaching is the possibility of becoming awesome!

Coaching is the champions of humanity flourishing.  We are NOT saying that coaches are fixing a broken world were saying coaches are the champions of humanity flourishing.

Coaches find what’s flourishing and amplify it.

(Coach Dave BACK to 3minutes into the show): You know with our exploration of WHY from Simon Sinek’s book, we have been honing in on CoachVille’s big WHY and we realize that CoachVille’s big why is Bold Champions of Humanity Flourishing

If you resonate with this idea of being a bold champion of humanity flourishing then you are in our tribe. You are a CoachVille Tribes person. We are the tribe for all bold champions of humanity flourishing.


When you know HOW to coach, no matter what you are doing, you become a more effective champion of humanity flourishing. Great coaching is the catalyst of humanity flourishing.


What we do is teach bold champions how to be great coaches in their field. We are a bold champion coaching company.

So everything we do when we at CoachVille talk about coaching is towards that purpose of being bold champions of humanity flourishing.  For example, helping the players, employees and co=workers around you expand their best efforts is a catalyst of humanity flourishing…

Fast Forward to 15:18, DAVE: It’s a lovely fish tank and if I were to swim in a fish tank this is the school of fish I’d want to swim with/

Fast-forward to LAST few minutes, Molly: Your right. Coachville is NOT the bold champion of humanity surviving. We all are already surviving and probably thriving, so now it is time to flourish.


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