NEW Trend in the Field of Coaching


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NEW Trend in the Field of Coaching

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13 Minutes into the show…Dave: I want to acknowledge Joe Disalvo, our Financial Life Planner contestant, for a moment because Joe is a great example of a major trend happening in the field of coaching:

Folks who are adding the coaching skill set to something else they’re doing. It builds a blended practice and I think it is really profound that coaching is becoming an essential skill set for all kinds of folks to excel at what they do.

Joe Disalvo

Joe Disalvo
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The big transformation that is happening in the world today is the transformation from twentieth century thinking where you managed people and told them what to do, to the twenty first century thinking where you coach your employees with engagement. You engage people to have self-efficacy by coaching them.

You coach your employees to better self express whatever it is that your enterprise does.  So, it’s not about telling people what to do so much as it is guiding them and coaching them to be more effective in their lives around the field of your expertise.

Joe Disalvo is an awesome example of this major new trend. We really love having Joe and folks like Joe in our School.


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Time AT… Coaching Topic
01      min Expand Your Client’s Best Efforts
3:30   min What’s CoachVille’s BIG WHY????
07      min Contestant Introductions! Stacy Hemeyer, Megan Hoernke & Joe Disalvo
13      min NEW Trend in the Field of Coaching
15:33 min Expanding Best Efforts: What it Means To YOU
28      min Dave RANTS on the Paradox of Learning
33      min Being Vs. Doing Shares by Deanna, Megan and Stacy
42      min Deanna Calls Timeout To Honor Stacy and Deanna’s Play2Win Students!
44     min Molly Gives CCF Website Shares from Viewers
47     min Coaching! Discover the REAL Cause of Overwhelm with Joe Disalvo
57      min Coaching! Stop Being a Chameleon & Step into Bold Self Expression with Megan Hoernke
73      min Molly Gives More CCF Website Shares from Viewers
76:53 min Highlights from the show
84      min Stacy Hemeyer shares the need to change the perception of coaching

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