Dave Buck’s EMyth Book Burning

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E-Myth Book Burning

E-Myth Book Burning

6:15 minute in…Dave: Next Friday, the Friday before Memorial Day weekend here in the US, I will be in NJ for the show which means my desk is in close proximity to the fire place in my little house.

So on this occasion, I will officially burn my copy of the E-Myth.

Molly: For those of you who missed that last week, that was some riveting conversation.

Dave: I am going to burn my copy of E-Myth on global broadcast television to declare my opposition to the moronization of the American Work Force. No more morons!

If you’ve read the E-Myth, as I have over 50 times, the basic idea is that you take everything your company needs to do and you boil it down to a simple task that any moron can do with basic training.

So, when you’re the owner of the company you basically just need to hire a bunch of morons and the can just do all the moronic tasks that are required for your business. No engagement is necessary. Just morons readings scripts and completing check lists. And, that’s basically how you’re supposed to run your business.

I think this has created a terrible situation where people don’t want jobs because jobs suck.

So, I’m boycotting E-Myth and burning my copy. If you want to watch me burn my copy of E-Myth, then be here on the show next Friday!

Len: I’m going to send mine up to you.  That’s one book I read and never used so I might as well send it to you.

Molly: You could have a bondfire.

Deanna: You’re doing a CoachVille book burning? I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Dave: If you don’t have the capacity to burn a book in your home, which is probably only recommended for trained professionals, you can send your copy of E-Myth to me in NJ and I will burn your copy of E-Myth too.

Deanna: I’m laughing so much I’m crying.

Marilyn: If there are people out there who still love the book, they better not call their employees morons.

Deanna: Well, in case you were wondering what provocative conversation is, there you go!

Dave: So that’s the provocative conversation I’m engaging in these days. How do we transform businesses so that they are not set up for morons and are about how to create a business where everyone in the business can be fully engaged — They can bring their personality, their creativity and their uniqueness to the game they play for your company?

Notice I did NOT say job. But, if you can create a business that is organized around great games that people love to play and then coach your players, you can create a fully engaged enterprise. This will be WAY more fun for everyone including the customers than a moronized enterprise.

No more moronization of business.  We want business to be fun by having a game to play within the business that is engaging

If you want to burn your copy of E-Myth, send it to:

Coach Dave Buck

10 Bonaparte Road

Hopatcona NJ


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