What is it to PLAY BIG?

AND, What Does BIG Mean To YOU?

Crazy Coaching Friday Episode #010 Highlight!

What is it to PLAY BIG? What Does BIG Mean To YOU?

What is it to PLAY BIG? What Does BIG Mean To YOU?


Dave: Dawn, what is the provocative conversation you are engaging in these days?

Dawn Andrews

Dawn Andrews

Dawn: What is it to play big?

Dave: NICE!

Dawn: Just really simply that. Depending upon the people that I have the conversation with including myself, or my kids or my clients, my players, the question, what is it to play big can take on such a different meaning.

Big can mean whatever the next step is for them that they’re facing an incredible amount of fears toward, where as from someone else’s perspective it seems like not that big a deal. So, yes, I think it’s really important to engage in the conversation, what does BIG mean to them?

This way you can be with them in their journey as opposed to laying on top your view of their potential and pulling them towards something that they are not ready to step into just yet.

Dave: That’s an exceptional point. So, where are you playing big right now?

Dawn: My version of big for 2013 is to be more visible, which I am right now. HI!

Dave: Congratulations. You’re doing it. Let’s go crazy for Dawn’s visibility.

Dawn: It is amazing when you get your arms and your head and your heart wrapped around what your big is, just all kinds of crazy stuff starts to show up. That has kind of been how the year has presented itself. Lots of opportunities to be visible keep presenting themselves and then I keep doing Inner Freedom (method) to be available to do them.

Dave: I am with you on that one, sister.  That’s well said. Alright, so let’s take Dawn’s spark of provocative conversation. What is playing BIG for you right now?

Molly: For me, playing big is similar to Deanna, in getting out and asking people who are champions of humanity flourishing to join us in this really incredible epic tribal gathering and digging deep into their engagement story and what they’re doing and how it has transformed their lives.

The other thing that has been fun is the question: What’s the awesome ask. …What’s your invitation?  And, making it clear and fun, instead of the thinking and over analyzing. Now that you’ve started conversations with people, how do you take it to the next level?

Dave: Nice. That’s playing big.  Len how about you? Where are you playing BIG right now?

Len Rothman

Len Rothman

Len: …The Wheels are turning around what is going to happen next

Dave: So you’re playing big by being a coach for people who are stepping into the unknown.

Len: Yes.

Dave: That’s some scary shit right there.


What is it to PLAY BIG?

AND, What Does BIG Mean To YOU?

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