I think I’m still waiting for some giant scissors to come in and cut that cord

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Jill Haas

Jill Haas

Jill: I’m still extricating myself from the tether of my role.

Dave: Role, right. That’s a tether.

Jill: I liked my role there. I learned a ton. I’m grateful for that. But, I think I’m still waiting for some giant scissors to come in and cut that cord, if you know what I mean?

Dave: Yeah, giant scissors. Hold on, does anyone have giant scissors handy?

Deanna: I’ll be right back.

Dave: We’re going to cut the virtual cord

Jill: Awesome

Dave: How about this, Jill you had a role that you enjoyed and you made a choice to move on to something next in your life. So what is your aspiration?

Jill: To be seen for who I really am and that is not just with coaching but also being a spiritual intuitive and healer. Which, is really hard for me to say and open up and share that.

Dave: Well I hate to break it do you, Jill, but you just announced that to a global audience.

Jill: Yeah. I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone here because earlier I was thinking, my tether might be owning the spiritual healing part of me. “But, I think I’m coming out of that, so nah!”

Dave: So hold on. Let’s just do this really fast. I am a ____

Jill: I am a spiritual intuitive coach.

Dave: I love that. So, just close your eyes and say it again.

Jill: I am a spiritual intuitive coach and healer.

Dave: So when you say that what energy do you feel in your body?

Jill: Woah. A racing heart.

Dave: A racing heart, awesome. Alright, so we’re just going to take a few seconds to feel your racing heart.

Alight. Jill thanks! So when you feel your racing heart, what happened?

Jill:  Well, aside from the general anxiety the word that came to mind was love.

Dave: So you’re racing heart is trying to get out?

Jill: Yeah, something’s ready to jump forward.

Dave: There’s something else that needs to be said. But, I’m not quite sure what it is. Any other spiritual intuitives on the call, have ideas?

Molly: I know you mentioned earlier that you are re-inventing yourself in your community… So I’m curious about you connecting with other intuitives in your area or online so that you get juiced with that love everyday because it sounds to me a little bit like you’re sending it out into the world all the time, which is awesome, but can also be a little bit draining.

So having a place to really re-jazz yourself and reconnect and feel like “yeah, this is totally me” can help make it a bit easier to be constantly sharing. Especially, as a spiritual intuitive if you’re getting hits from people in feeling that energy it can be a little bit challenging.

Jill: Yeah, I’ve been working on the protecting myself part of it too.

Dave: Yeah, I’m feeling for everyone watching now, or the recording afterward, if you are a spiritual intuitive healer, send some love to Jill.

Deanna: This reminds me of a really great conversation I had with Tim, a student of ours yesterday.  If you have some really great story to share with the world, it’s okay for it not to connect with everyone.

It needs to connect with just the people who need to hear it. And, if you’re waiting for it (your story) to connect with everyone then you’re not actually giving your gift to the world.

Let go of the desire to get a good response from the entire world. Open up yourself to saying what you need to say and know that the right people will be there to listen.


How do YOU re-energize?

Have you ever had to cut a cord? What one?

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