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Forest Linden & Lachlan Cotter

lach Cotter

forest linden

Enterprise: Satori

Super Power:

Customer Wowification

Aka. WOW!

Inspirational Engage Story:

Sneak Peak…

Lach and Forest bootstrapped their company, Satori, almost entirely on referrals and customer evangelism; reaching profitability in 14 months with next to no content, marketing budget or advertising!

Satori’s signature is to make your coaching practice PURR! And they help coaches every where accomplish this with a beautiful user experience and incredible customer support.  

Find out more about how Lach and Forest have created the customer wowification experience by joining us in our Engage! Epic Tribal Gathering Event.

Lach Cotter and Forest Linden

Play The BIG Game…
Earn The Badge!

Engage Challenge:

Play The BIG Game…
PLAY Customer Wowification GAME and earn your WOW! Badge.

Lach and Forest will have you creating an unforgettable experience for your customers in no time!

They will help you apply the customer wowification principles to re-imagine and reinvent your practice for maximal customer BLISS. They’ll even guide you with extra tips and tools along the way!

Not to mention, FUN!!

And, of course, MEMORABLE! 

Are you ready to step into your WOW! abilities?

Engage Prize(s):

What can you WIN if you play?

  • A Skype session with Lach and Forest to take your WOW! abilities to the next level!

Event Dates:

When can YOU catch Lach and Forest during the event?

  • Phase 1: June 21st 11am est
  • Phase 2: July 25th 11am est


Not available during these times? No Worries! Get ENROLLED in the FULL event and receive the recordings to listen to or watch anytime you want!


For The Full Event Schedule, CLICK HERE.