Engage! Super Hero Jeannine Yoder (Jay for short)Jeannine Yoder

Super Power:

Vulnerable Leadership

Engage Story:

Jay has been homeless on three separate occasions. The first time was when her Mom left her Dad to try to take back control of her life from drugs.
The second time was after first moving to NYC and trying to make a go of it on her own.

However, this third time was by choice and Jay was “so freaking excited about it [she] could barely stand it.”

Because, what she’s realized is that every time she was homeless she connected to her inner power and she’s been able to play big, defy limitations and own my light.

As a result of her life experiences, Jay believes in the power of being vulnerable. “New York City taught me that it’s okay to ask for help and every experience is created to align you with your unique purpose.”

Jay connects with her tribe most when she share’s her vulnerability and she helps others tap into their the power of their own vulnerabilities.

Find out more about how Jay engages her tribe through vulnerable leadership and what that looks like, by joining us in our Engage! Epic Tribal Gathering Event.

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Play The Game…
Earn The Badge!

Engage Challenge:

PLAY The Vulnerable Leadership GAME and earn your Vulnerable Leadership Badge!

Jay will walk you through the 4 stages of her RSVP program, giving you the opportunity to step into your personal power and be a super engaged vulnerable leader!

Are you ready to show your under belly to the world in a magical way?

Engage Prize(s):

What can you WIN if you play?

  • A 60 minute Skype Session with Jay on owning your power

Event Dates:

When can YOU catch Jay during the event?

  • Phase 1: June 27th 11AM ET
  • Phase 2: July 25th 1PM ET


For more details about the full event schedule, click here.