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Engage! Super Hero Lisa FabregaLisa Fabrega


Discover Your Truth Emersion

Super Power:

Truth Telling

Inspirational Engage Story:

Sneak Peak…

A few years ago, Lisa suffered from over work, over eating, a weak immune system, anxiety attacks and more. 

One day, after waking up blind in one eye due to yet another scary immunological flare up, Lisa realized that her twentieth century mentality of “I must keep my personal thoughts and opinions to myself” was killing her.

As a result, she decided to change her ways. Releasing the fear, Lisa began to speak her truth and follow her passions. She began to sharing her honest opinions, truths, heart-felt ideas on Facebook and in email.

Her loving honesty paid off because as soon as she began to share, her business tripled and clients were put on a waiting list.

Find out more about the secrets to incredible engagement through truth telling when Lisa joins us during our Engage! Epic Tribal Gathering Event.

Lisa Fabrega

Play The BIG Game…
Earn The Badge!

Engage Challenge:

Play The BIG Game…
PLAY The Truth Telling GAME and earn your Truth Telling Badge!

Lisa will teach you how to detox your life and share your truth!

Are you ready to step into the power of engagement through truth?

Engage Prize(s):

What can you WIN if you play?

  • A 90 minute Detox Your Life Intensive with Lisa

Event Dates:

When can YOU catch Lisa during the event?

  • Phase 1: June 17th 11AM ET
  • Phase 2: July 18th 11AM ET

Not available during these times? No Worries! Get ENROLLED in the FULL event and receive the recordings to listen to or watch anytime you want!


For The Full Event Schedule, CLICK HERE.