Being able to share your success story or stories so that other people swoon over the opportunity to re-tell it is a vital part of being an entrepreneur and the Connector Leverage Your Success StoryBusiness Model.

Why is this skill vital?

Because storytelling, aka. sharing your truth through vulnerable leadership, is how you can easily turn normal, every-day conversations into incredible opportunities for both others and yourself!

Now, not all of us are naturally great storytellers. BUT, we do all have stories within us to share. This is an imperative part of ourselves as coaches and entrepreneurs. Our stories are what make our experiences and expertise unique.

That great story that you share with someone in the coffee line at Starbucks about why you need this cinnamon spice tea before you lead your dream tele-call is the reason that person is going to check out your website and sign up for your program.

Likewise, it is the reason that person in the Starbucks line will tell his or her friends over dinner that weekend and why those friend will tell their friends. Stories create buzz.  Your stories are what get people talking about you!

Thus, storytelling is a KEY ingredient of the Connector Business Model.

So, where can you learn all of the key ingredients of the Connector Business Model?

By checking out CoachVille’s on-going FREE Connector Community and Challenge!

This week are are going to dive into the art of How To Leverage Your Success Story in ways that ignites conversation, inspires action and changes the world!

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How Do You Do It? How Do You Leverage Your Success Story?

1 Super Awesome Strategy is… Align Your Story Arc!

Consider your story arc like a bell curve. The first part of the curve is the beginning of your story, then the curve goes up into the middle of your story and finally comes back down into the land of your success at the bottom of the bell curve.

Wait! Before you dismiss this idea of making sure your story has a beginning, middle and end most people screw up this basic idea!


Most people get lost in the middle details!

Have you ever been listening to someone tell a story and suddenly  you have the urge to scream, “What’s the point?!?”

You are not alone! In fact, this happens more often than we’d all care to admit. But it happens because the storyteller is adding too many extraneous details to the beginning and/or the middle of the story.


If you tell a story badly, do you know what people will remember…

“Wow. That was a long story.” 

Or, worse!

“Oh man, don’t get that person going, they never stop.”

Ek! Not only did the listener NOT remember the awesome success in your story, they’re walking away with a negative impression of YOU.

Learn how to curate your story and align it’s arc…join us FREE!

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