Great Change Is Happening!

We are so excited to share that fellow CV Student, Che Meriales is creating a world of change and

We Love Hereos

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betterment through her newly formed company: We Love Heroes Project.

CoachVille believes in being champions of humanity flourishing, so when we heard what our amazing student was up to we had to spread the word.

What REALLY IS Happening?

A LOVE Bomb Today – Wednesday November 6th 2013.

Che’s We Love Heroes Project is hosting a LOVE BOMB!

What is a Love Bomb?

It is a sudden and explosive showing of love and encouragement toward those who work toward humanity flourishing!

The Love Part = A showing of support, encouragement, love, affection

The Bomb Part = It happens over a short, fast period of time.

This LOVE BOMB is happening for the next 24hours. You can participate in today’s Love Bomb anytime between now and Midnight Pacific Time.

Their goal is to have as many people participate TODAY, as possible!

Who is the Love Bomb For?

This Love Bomb is for Cecilia Oebanda’s work against human trafficking. Cecilia is the director at Visayan Forum an organization dedicated to finding innovative solutions to end modern day slavery.  They are advocates for freedom.

How Can YOU Get Involved In The LOVE Bomb?

1. Send an Email

  • To:
  • CC:
  • Subject Line: “Love From (insert location here)”
  • Note: Share a note of thanks and love
    • For example: “New York greatly appreciates all that you do. Thank you for the time you take to spread love and support to so many who need it and deserve it. You have my love.”

2.  Donate $10

The Visyan Forum organization is trying to with the Social Entrepreneurs Challenge put on by the Skoll Foundation.

As a part of the Love Bomb – you can help them WIN by donating. The minimum donation is only $10

Here’s the link:

3. Like/ Share and Spread The Word –

Please help to increase awareness about human Trafficking by “Liking” and “Sharing” from the following Facebook Pages:


How are YOU getting involved?


If you have any questions, please email Coach Che at:


PS. Are you a CV student who is also launching a project in the name of humanity flourishing? Let us know! We’d love to showcase you and your cause!