Build Your Business
for a World that LOVES Results

The 6-Figure Challenge6FC-Circle265-png

  • A Gamified Business Building program
  • Where YOU develop a dynamic Business Model
    Infused with YOUR Vision, YOUR Voice and YOUR Value.
    (And LOTS of LOVE)
  • Based on the Revolutionary Coach-Approach Manifesto
    YOU find the game in everything that must be done.
  • Starting with yourself, YOU Build a team of great players you LOVE
    to PLAY the Game to CREATE RESULTS
    WITH your Customers and Community.
  •  AND CREATE Wealth, Joy and Freedom in your life
    and in the lives of everyone engaged.
  • To CREATE a life you LOVE… WITH people you LOVE
    This is Entrepreneurship ReInvented for the 21st Century.


Treat your business like a game NOT… a job!  Business is a challenging game!  But if you turn it into work, it will be impossible.

A model and methods – it is easy to get into the swirl of everything you need to do to build your business.  But if you start with a dynamic business model you can cover all of the essentials and build it one step – one method – at a time.

A LOT OF LOVE – In the 21st Century, business is personal.  To thrive you need LOVE what you do, LOVE who you do it with and LOVE who you do it for!

Coach Approach! – you may be providing coaching as a service, but did you know you can use it as a business model too?  CoachVille has pioneered the Coach Approach Business Model for our own thriving enterprise and now you can learn how to use it too!

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