After Taking Step Up and Stand Out,

CoachVille Student, Ariel Jones

Landed an Awesome New Contract

with a Local Dating/Matchmaking Service.

She is now subcontracted as their Life Coach for each member they signup and in the first 4 days received 3 new pre-qualified clients!

Watch her interview to find out how!

(Or scroll down and read for yourself!)

PS. The owner of the local dating service was sooooo impressed find out what happened at the END of the interview!!! So incredible.

1. How long you’ve been with CoachVille and what course you’re currently taking?  Ariel Jones

I have been at CoachVille for a little over two months.  I’ve taken Step Up and Stand Out. My current classes are Basic Coaching Skills & Ethics, and Play to Win.

2.  How did you come up with the idea to connect the local dating/matchmaking service?

During Step up and Stand out Class, I designed a game for myself to be seen and establish a more prominent online presence. I knew it would be a challenge because my finances were limited.

This was not a huge challenge though because I was once a single mom raising 4 children and became an expert at improvising. I knew I was going to have to invest, but that I also had to be smart about how much and where.  I started by setting tangible deadlines for myself such as a re-branding by the end of two weeks, and a re-designed website by the end of 3 weeks etc.

I invested in a virtual office in a more affluent and well-known area of town. (I was not comfortable using my home address as my business.)

I also researched and spent many hours online (at times 8-10 hrs. a day) and listed my company on every free website that would have me (yelp, manta, merchants circle, yahoo local, Google maps etc.)

I designed a Groupon as well.  I also paid a little over 3.00 for SEO service through Go Daddy. I watched some You Tube tutorials on web site building and felt that Weebly was the most inexpensive and allowed you to import templates. (An option that I loved since I could purchase a template when I am able to in the future.)  I built additional web profiles on line (

I took the CoachVille course title, STEP UP AND STAND OUT very literally and was determined to establish my presence online.

 I worked very hard on my re-launch and re-branding, put in a lot of hours in researching every aspect and designing exactly what I felt was the authentic essence of the Ariel Jones Life Coaching Co. I bartered with a design firm and was able to get my logo designed in trade of some Coaching for his spouse.

 I re-launched the new and improved Ariel Jones Life Coaching Co. on Nov. 6, 2013 and received the call from the dating service on Nov 8th 2013. When I asked how they heard about me? You guessed it an online search and I popped up on Yelp. They read my blogs and were really impressed and wanted to meet with me for a new program they were offering.

3. Who did you meet with? (Owner / manager?)

I met with the Owner and her Sr. Consultant

4. Did you have a pre-planned script or how did your conversation unfold?

I did not have a pre-planned script, but I did research the company itself and read through ratings that clients had left and tried to learn all I could about the company.

I put together a presentation folder (again on the frugal) I went to my local office supply, had some labels with my newly designed logo printed purchased some stock folders and also a some additional labels, Printed my Bio, Services, a short statement on why I had earned the right to coach their clients, and a personal thank you not for taking the time to contact me and interview me.

I handed them my presentation folder, tuned into my listening skills, allowed them to speak and express what they were looking for and relied on my certainty and coaching abilities to not answer them with scripted learned answers but authentic Ariel answers. They weren’t only interviewing a coach, but Ariel as a person and I wanted then to know that. It was about an hour-long interview.

5. What was the end result?

They were so impressed that they asked me to be, not only their life coach, but a dating coach as well. I received and signed my contract before I left.

I then was asked to email them an intake packet and confidentiality agreement for approval before I would be able to receive clients. I put one together and although the first one was not approved, I didn’t let that discourage me, I took their suggestions and rewrote another one. The second one was approved and I have now received 3 clients in a matter of 4 days.

6.  How do you feel about it?

Very proud and humbled. I have been trying to build my practice for almost 2 years and have been solely relying on coaching for a little over a year. I was just about to give up before coming to CoachVille and taking your coach training.  I put a lot of work into my brand and coaching practice so to see it now really happening I am extremely proud to see all my hard work pay off.

7.   If you had one piece of advice to give other coaches out there, what would you say?

No one ever said being an entrepreneur was easy. Its hard work building a brand and Coaching Practice. I read somewhere that being an entrepreneur is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. There will be early mornings, working lunches, and late nights. You will only get the results of the amount of work you put in.  As a coach you are selling your certainty.  The more you feel like you ARE A GREAT COACH the easier it will be to keep going on the days were you are not sure if Coaching is for you.  Don’t ever give up. It will pay off!

8. What type of person would you recommend to a CoachVille Course?

Any person that has a desire to see people grow combined with the will and drive to be more and discover why they have earned the right to coach and how they can use that to really help people live and play big!

9.  How can viewers get in touch with you or learn more about what you do?

My email address is

My website is

10.  Why would you recommend Coachville to future Coaches?

I feel that Coachville’s coach training has not only taught me how to design a winnable game, but also how to design my own life in such a short time, by taking the concepts of each weekly class and not only applying that to my future clients but my own practice as well.  I PLAYED BIG, STEPPED UP, STOOD OUT and WON BIG.