Which level are you playing for now?

The game of business can sometimes feel like a long uphill climb.

But it doesn’t have to!
If you look at it as a game then you can find your level and develop a game plan that is appropriate for where you are now!

There are 3 levels of the 6-Figure Challenge Game.


Level 1: In pursuit of over $100,000 in Revenue Per Year.
This sets you up as a solid sustainable business
contributing to your community; respected in your community.
It is a great accomplishment to be proud of!

Level 2: In pursuit of over $100,000 in INCOME Per Year.
This is where you cover all of your business expenses and pay yourself over $100,000… CLEAR!
Typically your revenue is between $200K and $250K.
Given that the Median Average family income in the USA is about $50,500… This is a great accomplishment.

The other awesome thing about playing at this level is that you are investing 100-150K into your business environment every year.
Remember: in the new economy you should consider EVERY dollar you spend as an investment.
Everyone you pay money to for anything should be a partner in your success! (not merely a vendor!!!)

Level 3: In pursuit of your CORE Team earning over $100,000 Per Year
Now you have a thriving enterprise where YOU are FREE;
Meaning you are no longer the only value creator of the business.
You are either the Coach of the Team or Playing the role on the team that you MOST enjoy.
Typically your revenue is between $600K and $1,000,000 / year.

When your CORE Team members are earning  $100,000/year income you are truly contributing to the prosperity of your community.

Also, you WILL have more “free time” that you can invest as an advocate or adviser to initiatives that are important to you.


Which level are you playing right now?
What would it mean to you in your life to reach the level you are playing for?

Please share your thoughts below!

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Your business is a GAME… NOT a Job!
The world – and the economy – needs you to play BIG

Coach Dave