Coach Training on LinkedIn Groups

Get Serious About LinkedIn Groups 🙂

If you haven’t started to join groups on LinkedIn, you are missing out on a powerful connection tool.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to join 50 groups, and those that engage in them well take advantage of all 50. Can you imagine what that kind of connection could do for you and your coaching practice or business?

Here are 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Groups A Worth Your Time!

1.  Discover the Most Popular Discussions –

When you check out the active discussions in your business related groups, you can quickly and easily find out the HOT Topics in your industry. This can be powerful knowledge in your social media, email, and blog campaigns. When you’re talking about what’s relevant and hip, others will come to you for advice.

2.  Follow Influential People –

When you’re checking out the active discussions, look for the most influential people. These are the people who are liking and commenting the most. Then, click on their profile and learn more about what they do.

Lastly, but most importantly, send them a private email message through LinkedIn. Introduce yourself. Tell them you’re in a group together and you love what they’re sharing. Set up a Skype chat and consider ways you can play together or support each other.

3.  Be Seen As An Expert

Get into the discussion. Notice the most popular posts and the most recent posts and share your insights. Give tips as to what you like to do in similar situation. Share your experiences. Be vulnerable. Ask questions!

The more engaged you are in the discussions, the more people recognize your name and AUTOMATICALLY assume you’re an expert. Consistency is key!  You want your name to be the first one people think of when they join a group discussion. “Oh, I wonder what ___ has to say about this!” – Gold!

4.  Not Just For Clients

The worst mistake Entrepreneurs make when they join LinkedIn groups is that they go in with 1 thing in mind: To get clients or customers!


The bigger and better value of joining and participating in a LinkdedIn group is the connection that can happen. You want to get to know the other members and find out what they are doing. This can lead to huge opportunities like being interviewed on another person’s show or getting one of your articles published on their website. Being seen as an expert in front of a fellow LinkedIn Group Member’s audience can reap much bigger rewards than trying to turn that 1 member into your client.

5.  Networking Without Leaving Your Office

If you live in a rural place or the winter weather makes it harder to travel to networking events, you DON’T want to miss out on the opportunity to network in LinkedIn Groups. That’s what LinkedIn groups are for! Network!

Start conversations with other members, visit their profile and comment on their posts. Ask them to set up a Skype meeting to get to know each other. Even if nothing beyond getting to know the person happens, the key is you introduced yourself to someone who didn’t know you before! The possibilities at that point are endless!

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