Use the Coach Approach Business Model

Build Your Business for a World that LOVES Results

You are invited to join us for a Business Model Power Day where you will develop a business model based on Your Voice, Your Vision and Your Value!CV-ModelBadge-150-png

In a 4-hour virtual meeting using our acclaimed Maestro Conference Bridge system you will use the Coach Approach Business Model as a template to build a model for YOUR business by collaborating with a small group of colleagues.

Coach Approach Business Model <<– Download the Model Overview here

Purpose of Business Model Power Day

There are 12 essential elements of the Coach Approach Business Model Template; Most of the elements also have sub-elements as well.  When you look at your current business through the “lens” of the template you will great expand your awareness AND your certainty about your business.

  • You will see where you have clarity and where you are unclear.
  • You will see where your model is sufficient for a 6-figure business and where it is not
  • You will see where you have the best opportunity to add team members to impact your results
  • You will see where you have a solid method and where you are “winging it”
  • and MUCH MORE

Power Day Details

The Power Day will take place on
DATE: December 16th 2013
TIME: from 12Noon – 4PM ET

OPTION: from 12 Noon – 1:30PM ET : The Value, Visibility & Enrollment Pieces

The Power Day is FREE for CoachVille members participating in the 6-Figure Challenge Foundation Program (also FREE)


Outline for the Business Model Power Day

Here is what we will explore and design

1) Quick Overview of the “Coach Approach”

2) Value Creation

Describe your tribes, Describe your results, Describe your method, Evolve what’s next

3) Visibility

Be seen, Share (be known), Invite

4) Enrollment

Connect, Engage, Offer

5) Fulfillment

Prepare, Play, Possibility

6) After-Care

Rejoice, Reunion, Renewal

7) Partner Orchestration

Who Introduces you?, Who advocates for you?, Who co-creates with you?, Who provides what’s next?

8) Coach Approach: Find the Game

Define the purpose, Design Actions, Spirit of Play, Embrace Challenges

9) Coach Approach: Evaluate Results

How will you determine and evaluate the results of play?

10) Coach Approach: Play Better

Game plan, Practice Skills, Expand Inner Freedom, Design Environments

11) Money Investments

Self, Team, Environments, Components; See every $ you spend as an investment in a relationship

12) Money Revenue (Streams)

Active, Semi-Active, Advocacy, Passive

13) Money Cash Flow

How do you track what is going in and out?

14) Debrief the experience


This is going to be awesome.

I hope you can join us!

Play BIG!
Coach Dave