10 Sources of FEAR in YOUR 6-Figure Business

To build a sustainable 6-Figure Business, you must expand your comfort zone for every essential business activity.

You need Inner Freedom!CV-FreedomBadge-150-png

In a powerful 90-minute group call on Monday 12/23/13 we will combine the Coach Approach Business Model with the Inner Freedom Method to identify the 10 Sources of Fear every entrepreneur must learn to play with!

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When: Monday December 23rd 2013
Time: 12 Noon – 1:30PM ET
What: Interactive Group Call followed by Game Actions on the Game Card!

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Let’s talk about FEAR!

Back to our session for Monday the 22nd.InnerFreedomCircle265-v2-png

To thrive in business in a way that does not EXHAUST you, you must expand your comfort zone for a wide variety of skills.  It is possible to power through FEAR on a regular basis however it will wear you out!  Not a good long term strategy at all.

It is much better to explore every essential activity and the learn to PLAY with the FEARs that arise!

It is important to remember that FEAR is NOT LOGICAL!  While you may think you can talk yourself out of a fear because there is no logical reason to be afraid of this or that, but you can’t!  Thinking your shouldn’t be afraid does not make the fear go away!  In fact, often it makes your reaction to the fear even more extreme.

Here are a few examples based on the essential elements of the Coach Approach Business Model

Evaluate Results

If I don’t get results I will be a loser
Failure is not an option

Value Creation

Am I enough?
Do I need to be perfect?

Partner Orchestration

Is anyone going to help me?
Can I trust another person to provide the help I really need?


If I am seen I will attract trouble.
If I am known they might find out I am not good enough
If I invite them I might be rejected because I am not enough.


To really connect I have to be vulnerable and that is dangerousIf I make an offer I might be rejected.
I don’t deserve to get paid to do this.
Talking about money is not polite


Do I deserve to enjoy what I am doing?
What if they are not pleased with what I did with them?


What if they were not pleased enough to celebrate?
What if they don’t want to do what’s next?
What if they reject being part of the community?

Money – Investment

What if I don’t get my money’s worth?
What if I am cheated?
What if I don’t have enough?

Money  – Revenue Streams

Am I worthy of earning this money?
Did I work hard enough to earn this money?

Money – Cash Flow

My money is my worth.
What if I run out and I can’t pay my bills?

The Inner Freedom Method

After we explore the variety of FEARs we will do an exercise together that you can do to expand your comfort zone!


I hope you can join us for this call.

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