3 Ways To Get Your Business Cards (or Flyers) Working FOR You?

By Molly Rider & The CoachVille Member Services Team


Do you have business cards, but you don’t know where to hand them out?  Are you afraid of asking your local businesses to promote you? Do you not know where to start?

Don’t worry, below are 5 great places the CoachVille Member Services Team knows will get you RESULTS! It’s time your business cards and flyers started to work FOR you.

  1. Post a flyer or business card on bulletin boards in hospitals, clinics, colleges, co-ops, bookstores, etc.
    • Additionally, you can place flyers at high schools, gyms, yoga studios, horse events or even boarding stables etc.
    • In theory this may sound obvious, but most people forget about all of the local places in the area that have announcement bulletin boards. Block off some time this week and map out 1 or 2 of each of the suggestions above. Then, stop by and either directly post your business card and flyer, or find out how you submit your business card for the board. You may need to get approved by someone on staff, but that’s okay. Who knows that staff member may become your next client or best advocate!
  2. Distribute (business cards with) complimentary exploratory session coupons to taxi drivers, pizza shops, nutrition stores, etc.
    • Local businesses LOVE to have bonuses or extra perks they can give their clients or customers because it makes their clients/customers feel special and well treated. Likewise, consider adding a “referred by” line on the back of your card, then if a certain location frequently sends you paying clients, you can offer them a kick back or promote them reciprocally on your website.
  3. Leave your business card in unlikely places:
    • In a bookstore/ newsstand in random magazines.
    • At the post-office.
    • In the ladies’ lounge at the gym and in finer department store lounges.
    • Have you ever gone into a gym locker room or a changing room and noticed something out of place there, like an event flyer or note?  If you’re like me, the oddity will cause you to stop and focus on what it is. In fact, I may find myself paying closer attention to what the flyer says here MORE, in this unusual place, than if it were out on the bulletin board full of flyers. Being unique, gets you noticed. Go for it!

Which of these 3 Tips are you going to try this week? Why? Please share below!