Show Me The Money!

Is 2014 YOUR YEAR to build a 6-Figure Business and beyond?

If not, why not?ShowMeTheMoney-JerryMaGuire-png
Unless you are fully engaged in a vibrant career playing for someone else,
it is time for YOU to build a REAL business.

If you have been in the business game for a while,
then it may be time to “Think Enterprise” and build your team!

Consider joining me – Coach Dave – for the 6-Figure Challenge Program.
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A 1-Year Transformational Business Building Program for Purpose-Centered Entrepreneurs!

The program starts Monday January 13th at 12 Noon ET!


If you are not yet registered, you can join in the call as an observer to check it out:

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On the call you will find out why I am using the famous phrase from the 1996 hit film “Jerry Maguire”

What is the 6-Figure Challenge:

A program to propel YOU and your Business out into the world in SLOW, STEADY and ORGANIC way…  AWESOME!

The 6-Figure Challenge

  • A Gamified Enterprise Building program
  • Where YOU design a Coach Approach Business Model
    Infused with YOUR Vision, YOUR Voice and YOUR Value.(And LOTS of LOVE)
  • Using the Revolutionary Coach Approach Manifesto as a guide
    YOU will find the game in everything that must be done.
  • Starting with yourself, YOU will build a team of great players that you LOVE – who PLAY the Game to CREATE RESULTS WITH your Customers and Community.
  •  AND CREATE Wealth, Joy and Freedom in your life
    and in the lives of everyone engaged.
  • To CREATE a life YOU LOVE… WITH people you LOVE
    This is Entrepreneurship Re-Invented for the 21st Century.

The 6-Figure Challenge is a carefully crafted ENVIRONMENT designed to provide you with the DEEP SUPPORT and HEALTHY CHALLENGES that you NEED to make the profound impact in the world that YOU are YOUniquely here to make with your business.

I know 1 Year is a LONG time. 

I have been around the issue of TIME so many times that it makes my head spin!

We have all been hypnotized into
wanting something that is quick and easy,
so that is what we are sold.

The trouble is:  IT DOESN’T WORK!

Speaking of being hypnotized…

You can meet my Nemesis here…

On a personal note…

This program is SUPER FUN for me because it brings together 3 Things that I LOVE very much…
Coaching… Entrepreneurship… and Creative Self- Expression.

I was born to co-create Coach Approach Entrepreneurship with you!! 
And I would be honored to have you join me in the Quest to bring it out into the world…
Starting with YOU and YOUR ENTERPRISE.

Plus, it has been 10 Years since I focused on coaching entrepreneurs and WOW am I energized to be back in the game!

Join in Monday January 13th at 12 Noon ET

The Group Program starts on Monday January 13th at 12Noon ET
We will begin with a 6-Week Challenge Game that EVERY Entrepreneur MUST master to thrive in the 21st Century:  Play 4 Results.