How to Find Your Players and Recruit a Winning Team:

Both Practice and Paid!



  1. Join BNI (professional networking organization).
  2. Join a Meetup Group ( or start your own group.
  3. Join a Toastmasters group and make most of your speeches about your coaching niche.
  4. Volunteer or Sponsor a BBQ for a sports team that you play on, or your children do, that the whole league is exposed to.
  5. Connect people to other people. Meet with five people that are in your niche market and ask them “who” they are looking for and see if you can connect someone to them from your network.
  6. Network a lot at many organizations and ask for their business.
  7. Reach out to all your contacts personally to talk to them about coaching. Talk a lot to anyone who will listen. It may not feel like it is being fruitful but your planting seeds that may take root in a week or two or three.
  8. Attend a church you’ve never been to before. When they ask for the visitors to introduce and say a little bit about themselves members will get curious and approach you following the service to have more conversation about it.
  9. Join your local chamber of commerce.  They have many member benefits, and one may be to give a presentation during one of their group functions.
  10. Approach trainers and gym owners in the area – explain what you do and ask if they would like to be a referral partner and refer clients that might be interested in coaching to you, if you refer clients to them that might be interested in training with them.  “I have asked what their specialties are so I have them stored as specialists i.e. yoga, sports, weight loss, competition training etc. My goal is to have three trainers per specialty to refer so if they have me to refer and I have them that’s a lot of potential referrals.”

What are you willing to do, try or challenge yourself with to step into your business? Try one, try two, try all of these ideas!  The best thing you can do is to take action now. 

Thank you to the CoachVille Member Services Team for the great ideas!