ActiveLearningCircle265Tran-pngEvolve Your Coaching: Coaching Principles 1- 10

            What we know to be true is that there is always a “next level” to take one’s life, career, entrepreneurial ideas, skills and current circumstances.  This been said, what does “next level” really mean.  Well, for some it will be changing careers or becoming an entrepreneur, maybe mastering the art of writing or finding freedom in love.

            What is certain is that we all need a little nudge to go further than we would be able to go ourselves.  As a coach this is who you are to those you serve; you are their nudge and you hear them and understand them in order to help them excel.  Now if you are already a coach, you “know” this right? You understand fully that others can move quicker with you by their side and that without that complete connection we can get stuck.  But what if, what if for just one second you forgot that you “know” all this and you became open to the possibility that there’s more to you as a coach than you have realized or given yourself the opportunity to explore.

            Here are 10 of many “Coaching Principles” from CoachVille’s Coaching Principles, created by Thomas Leonard:

Coaching Principles 1-10:  Coaches help their clients:

    1. Exercise their right to become successful in life and business.
    2. Find something compelling to do with their lives.
    3. Find out what they truly want.
    4.  Discover special talents and express those talents in a way that serves to their highest good.
    5. Simplify their lives.
    6. Discover and respond to the subtle distinctions in life that naturally expands a person’s thinking and thus helps them evolve.
    7. Fully express the values that are naturally important to them in fulfilling themselves and life.
    8. Understand that selfishness is a healthy thing.
    9. Understand that cyber skills are not optional. And,
    10. Reduce fear in selected areas.


Think about these.  How much can you apply to your practice now, or most importantly, how much can you apply to your own life now.  Whether you seek the synergy that a coach provides or are able to use these few principles to provide better synergy to your clients, know that knowledge is power but only when you take inspired action with what you know.

We have shared these few principles with you because we are called to do so. Because there is someone out there who might be searching for ways to express their practice or ways to express their needs, or maybe just maybe, you are now compelled to look at coaching from a different binocular, bringing creativity and evolution to your own life.  Whatever you decide to do with this information know that these are just a few principles but they can provoke an unwavering amount of new thought and energy if you view them from where you stand today and how you can master these skills to a greater extent. 

Much love and keep Evolving Your Coaching!