It was uncomfortable but exciting!


Hey Coach!

Coach Dave here.

We have hosted our first two sessions of the Coaching Mastery Studio and they were great fun and the feedback was awesome.

The complete June 2014 calendar is here!  Find a time that is open for you and jump in.

Here is the audio  <<– Listen to the debrief of the first session.  (about 18 minutes of inspiring conversation)

Here are the highlights from the debrief:

Tana: Thanks for an amazing session. It struck me what a difference we make in the world as coaches.

Amanda: I caught myself trying to fix the issue instead of coaching it.

Marita: Very interesting. I had no clue where I was going. I just stuck with it.

Dave: Really fun. I combine Play Two Win + Proficiency “Recognize the perfection of the situation” (notice NYC Sirens in the background)
Amanda really helped me with my game.
An approach I used as the player, I asked the coach what is their specialty.  So I could focus what we coached on in their sweet spot.

Rocky: This is an exciting way to step in for mentoring based on our challenges of the moment.
Plus it was fun test out some of my new coaching skills.

Marita: I think this is a great concept to practice.  It’s exciting because we have no clue who we will coach.  It is uncomfortable but exciting!  It is a great way to accumulate my hours for certification.

Dave: What would It be like if you had a coaching session every day?  Like on a soccer team where we are coaching every day.  Top performers are coached every day.  When it is every day you focus in on your results and challenges of the current day.

Tana: To stand in front of someone you don’t know and feel confident as a coach is so valuable.

Also, it was so amazing to get to know one of my CV colleagues in this way by coaching and playing together.

Amanda: It can become comfortable to coach like this if you do it every day.

Dave: Feeling comfortable that you can just start coaching anyone anytime and create value.  This has huge ramifications for life and business.  Confidence and ability come with practice.  A powerful skill for your business.

Susanne: Once a month coaching can get unrealistic with too much build up.  Every day coaching is real time coaching and there is no unreal expectations put into it.

Lysa: I loved this.  I brought curiosity to the session and I just went for it!  I just know that if I allow the talents of the coach to come through I will get value in my current issue.

Dave: Acknowledgement to Coach Rick Reddington for leading the first ever Coaching Mastery Studio!

Rick: It was uncomfortable but it sure was exciting!

All: Bye!


The Coaching Mastery Studio is FREE during our June 2014 Trial period.

Jump in and give it a try.  All of the details and registration links are here.