Coaching Mastery Studio Master Class
Friday 2014-06-20 12 Noon ET



As authenticity becomes more and more at a premium in personal and business interaction, people are yearning to know themselves more deeply.  But this is not as easy as it seems and coaching can REALLY make a big difference.


You are invited to a powerful Master Class in the Coaching Mastery Studio.
(The Studio is FREE for CV Members in June and July 2014)

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Here you will also find a complete Playbook for Coaching Proficiency #2
And all of the call in details for the Master Class

Outline for the Coaching Practice Session

In the Master Class: Reveals the Client to Themselves, we will have a coaching/playing practice session.

The context of the session is to practice “Revealing” while talking with your player about their big game.

Learning to do this well will make you a better coach AND it will really help you in signing paying clients!!

Here is the outline for the Coach.

It is based on the new Play Two Win Method RACE Model << — Download the diagram

While you read this outline, you can also prepare to be the player if you want to.
Or you can co-create your responses in the moment with your coaching partner.


1) Describe your BIG Game for me.


2) Share with me why you are playing this game.  What purpose does it serve in your life?


3) How does this game express your values; How does it express what you care most about?


4) Can you share with me 3 or 4 primary objectives of your game?
These can be specific outcomes, mastery of skills, who you are becoming or upgrades to your environments


5) What are the biggest challenges you are facing?
And, how are these challenges serving your intention to become a great player?


6) What resources do you have around you that you are not fully utilizing?


7) What resources are missing from your environment that would make your game easier to win?



You can spice the conversation any time with these “REVEALS” comments / questions…

These “shares” are drawn from the Proficiency #2 Playbook: Reveals the Client to Themselves;
specifically the “What is Worth Revealing” Poster  << — Download Poster

Note: A copy of the complete Reveals the Client to Themselves Playbook is available on the
Coaching Mastery Studio Home page

1) What I am learning about you is…X
Does that sound right to you?

2) A quality of yours that I am noticing is…X
Does that sound right to you?

3) A gift of yours that I am hearing is…X
Does that sound right to you?

4) I am hearing this underlying framework…X
Does that sound right to you?

5) I am noticing this pattern… X
Does that sound right to you?

6) I am hearing this source of energy fueling you… X
Does that sound right to you?

7) I am sensing this unmet need…X
Does that sound right to you?

8) I am sensing a blind spot here… X
Does that sound right to you?

9) I am hearing something more about your personal values… X
Does that sound right to you?

10) I am feeling this secret aspiration / dream… X
Does that sound right to you?


This is going to be powerful and fun!

I hope you can join us.

You can also learn more about all 15 Coaching Proficiencies here.


YOU can be great!

Coach Dave, MCC, MBA

“The Crazy Mad Scientist of Coaching!”